Costa Rica Birding Highlights


Costa Rica is a mesmerizing place situated in Central America. Located on the coasts of the Pacific and Caribbean, it is a paradise for all nature lovers. The place houses numerous beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, lush green forests, and rich biodiversity. This place is a must-visit for both adventure and peace lovers. Take a walk along the coast of the beach or explore the wildlife to enjoy a memorable experience.

Since 25% of the total area of Costa Rica is covered with rainforests, it houses numerous species of unique and beautiful birds. A trip to Costa Rica would be fun and soul-stirring for a bird lover or nature enthusiast.

Trip Highlights
  • Get to witness a diverse range of flora and fauna. Tourists can witness many unique birds like blue-crowned motmot and tropical screech owls.
  • Explore the tropical rainforest and get to see numerous wild species.
  • Take a walk in the beautiful organic coffee farms.
  • Enjoy a boat trip in the cool waters of the mangroves.
  • Take a trail on the muddy forest roads to spot some fascinating birds.
  • Get closer to nature with a trip to the Arenal volcano
  • Witness the beauty of La Fortuna waterfall
  • Behold beautiful birds like trogons, tanagers, parrots, and animals like Sloth and spider monkeys in the dense forests of Costa Rica.

Day 1

Welcome to Costa Rica

The tour starts with a scrumptious dinner, and if time permits, take a stroll through the beautiful hotel, which is surrounded by lush green gardens and houses many kinds of birds. Bird watching in Costa Rica starts early in the morning; one can witness a huge variety of hummingbirds and tropical screech owls from the hotel premises.

Night stay in San José.

Day 2

Get a taste of tropical forest

The day starts with an early morning walk around the hotel grounds. The peaceful climate and the beautiful surroundings help start the day on an energetic note. After breakfast, we start our trip to Carara National Park. The national park lies between the tropical dry forest (to the north) and the tropical wet forest (to the south). This amazing park is home to many animals and birds like the yellow-naped parrot, cinnamon hummingbird, scrub euphonia, and many more. Spend the afternoon admiring the beauty of nature.

Day 3

An entire day with mother nature

The day starts with a trip to Carara National Park. This place is a semi-evergreen tropical forest and is home to a wide range of species. Tourists can witness numerous birds and animals while exploring the lush green forest. Some of the fauna include flycatchers, woodcreepers, antbirds, antpittas, American Pygmy Kingfishers, and many more. This place is a haven for birds and nature lovers. Proceed to take a boat ride through the mangroves, where we can find the common black hawk, Panama Flycatchers, Roseate Spoonbill, and American crocodiles on the banks of the river.

Day 4

Head to the Talamanca Highlands

After breakfast and Costa Rican birding, the next stop is at the pàramo of the Cordillera de Talamanca. It is a cloud forest, and stops are made throughout the journey to admire the red-headed barbet, the snowy-bellied hummingbird, and many more species of wild birds. We will also visit Timberline Wren and Volcano Junco and experience the majestic nature from a closer range.

Several hotels provide accommodation nestled in the greenery of the Highlands, where you can also experience a taste of the local cuisine.

Day 5

Take a trail

This day is entirely allotted for hikes and trails. Strolling across the muddy lanes can give you the experience of witnessing countless birds. Our main goal on this walk is to see the majestic Resplendent Quetzal. Along the trail, we also get to spot a black-capped flycatcher, a large-footed finch, a collared redstart, and, if it is your lucky day, a silvery-throated jay.

Day 6

Enroute Caribbean lowlands

The trip to Costa Rica is memorable, and the next stop from the highlands is the Caribbean lowlands. On the way, a stop is made to explore the coffee farm and taste some freshly brewed organic coffee. Costa Rica is famous for its gourmet coffee, and it is definitely a chance that should not be missed.

One can spot numerous colorful birds at the coffee plantation as well.

Day 7

Exploring the Caribbean lowlands

After breakfast, we head to the lowland forest. This wet forest houses numerous species of birds, including the beautiful Great Green Macaw. We then head to La Selva Biological Station, where more than 400 species of birds reside. It is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of the rainforests.

After lunch, we rest for a short time. The evening is spent taking a walk near the hotel to see hummingbirds and honeycreepers.

Day 8

Travel to Arenal

The entire day is spent traveling to Arenal from the Caribbean lowlands. The journey comprises numerous short stops to identify some mesmerizing views of volcanoes.

Check in to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, a beautiful place filled with a collection of birds and rooms overlooking the magnificent volcano.

Day 9

Traversing around Arenal area

The space surrounding the foot of the volcano is covered with dense canopies and luscious greenery. This forest houses beautiful birds like tanagers, parrots, keel-billed toucans, and butterflies, as well as animals like spider monkeys and three-toed sloths.


Day 10

Head to San Jose

After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, spend the day strolling around the Arenal area, witnessing the rugged landscape, and exploring the volcanic ranges. Later, head to San Josè. Numerous stops are made on the way to explore the local communities of Costa Rica.

After a delectable dinner, stay the night in San Jose.

Day 11

A memorable Costa Rica trip

The trip to Costa Rica ends with a hearty breakfast while you indulge in the tranquil atmosphere of the land of rainforests for one last time.