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East and South Madagascar


Madagascar has an intriguing blend of amazing rivers, mountains & forests throughout quite different landscapes, cultures, climates, and biotopes. It's a one-off, there's no other place like it. Its landscapes, animals, and plants are just fantastic! Close to the equator with an astounding collection of habitats, which range from rainforests to Madagascar desert and from mountain tops to mangrove swamps, it's among the most important states for biodiversity on Earth. The tropical climate is an ideal host to the practice of character. The number and richness of existence have flourished with exceptional flora and fauna of Eastern Madagascar with this fantastic tour. Madagascar is the fourth largest island on earth and surely an amazing and diverse area.

Trip Highlights

  • Trek and camp at Marojejy National Park(Pristine park at the nation ).
  • Track the Sifaka.
  • Discover this Andrafiamina's lemurs.
  • Explore the amazing tropical rainforest of the Amber Mountain National Park.




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