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Etosha, Chobe, Victoria


In this safari, we will take you for the expedition to Etosha National Park, which is just one of the fantastic game reserves in Africa, complied with by the wetlands, wild animals, picturesque Caprivi strip, Chobe National Park, and Victoria Falls. Our objective is to take you to wild animal reserves in Africa through outstanding game safaris. Our 11-day travel plan is specifically customized to give you the most amazing travel experience in Africa.

Trip Highlights

  • Boat Safari at Chobe National Park
  • Unwind and relax near the riverbanks or the waterfalls
  • Discovering the rich and flourishing flora and fauna
  • See the breathtaking landscapes and scenic views
  • Enjoy the sight of elephants playing the Chobe River


We will pick you up from the airport terminal and take you to your accommodation at Windhoek. After lunch, we will leave for Etosha National Park. Etosha is Namibia's sanctuary that is counted among the globe's finest game parks and home for endangered species of animals. The Etosha Pan controls the park which is normally dry yet full of the water during the summer season which gives perfect ground to pelicans and flamingos specifically. The spring season draws in several animals and birds like endangered black rhinoceros and native black-faced impala. Etosha is renowned for its fantastic floodlit waterholes, which are excellent for spotting wild animals at night. You will certainly, have the ability to embark on game drives through the park, identifying a range of wildlife throughout the day.

  • Arrive at the International Airport
  • Lunch at Windhoek
  • Check out Etosha
  • Spot vibrant pelicans as well as flamingos
  • Spot endangered black rhinoceros and the black-faced Impala

Leave in the early morning for a safari to spot antelopes, zebras and elephants, lions, rhinos cheetah, and leopard. The remaining day you will spend at the waterholes, where you can witness numerous friendly animals roaming around.

  • Go for morning game drive
  • Discover a variety of flora and fauna
  • See an abundance of cheetahs when you go for the cheetah drive.
  • Hang out close to the waterhole and view animals in their natural habitat

After an early breakfast, we'll take you to one of the panoramic gigantic Etosha salt frying pans. Here you will be mesmerized by the presence of wildlife. We will then leave for the Caprivi. The Caprivi with its lush green woodland and rivers make it completely different from Etosha. After check-in at the holiday accommodation, we will take you to the mighty Okavango River where you can relax and enjoy having drinks while watching scenic views of riverside and animals on the opposite bank. You'll see an abundance of the hippopotamus by the banks.

  • Admire the panoramic large Etosha salt frying pan.
  • Get to Caprivi
  • Relax by the Okavango River
  • Watch hippopotamuses in their all-natural habitat

After the early morning breakfast, we will leave for a game drive in Mahango National Parks and a boat cruise on the Okavango River. This location is popular for its big herds of buffalo and hippos. Various other animals that you will see here are elephants, lions, leopards, wild pets, lechwe, giraffe, sable, roan, zebra and also bushbuck. After the drive, we will go for a fishing expedition by the river.

  • Game drive in the Mahango National Park
  • Watercraft cruise ship on the Okavango River
  • Observe the wide variety of wild animals
  • Take part in a fishing trip for a memorable experience

After breakfast, you will proceed for a safari along the Caprivi strip to reach the Kwando River. We will explore the Kwando surrounding area, Mudumu, and Bwabwata National Parks while engaging in a game drive followed by a watercraft cruise.

  • Safari along the Caprivi strip.
  • Witness the gorgeous Kwando river.
  • Participate in a game drive and boat cruise at Mudumu and Bwabwata National Parks

These two parks are home to the thick elephant population in Namibia. Besides these titans, it is home for buffalos, lions, leopards, wild pet, impala, sable, tsessebe, roan, giraffe, hippo, zebra, wildebeest, lechwe, baboons, and steenbok. We will take you to the well-known Horseshoe Lagoon, where huge herds of elephants are spotted in the afternoon. The thick dense plants of Bwabwata are popular for leopard sightings.

  • Come across numerous varieties of animals
  • See the Horseshoe lagoon and elephants roaming around
  • Spot leopards

From the beautiful Kwando river, we will proceed to Katima Mulilo from where you will go to Botswana. You will stay in Kasane, which is an excellent place to explore the Chobe National Park Chobe. This park has a thick population of elephants on the planet, in addition to other wild animals. Spotting parade of elephants crossing, playing and also swimming in the Chobe River is a memory you'll treasure for a lifetime.

  • Arrival in Botswana.
  • Go To the Chobe National Park.
  • Sight parade of elephants as they swim and also play in the Chobe River

Day 8 will certainly begin with a morning game drive in an open 4x4 car, followed by an afternoon watercraft cruise along the Chobe River. We will let you take the rest of the day off and the flexibility to stroll around the park.

  • Early morning game drive
  • Siesta
  • Mid-day boat cruise along the Chobe River

Finally, indulge in the natural beauty of Victoria Falls as we get to Zimbabwe. We will spend 2 days here to take part in recreational activities, spend leisure time and buy merchandise from memento shops.

  • Reach Victoria Falls
  • Participate in recreational activities
  • Buy merchandise

After a relaxing morning meal, we will bid adieu to Victoria Falls as we will drop you back to the airport terminal for your return flight from the Victoria Falls International Airport.

  • Leave Victoria Falls
  • Take return flight


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