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in Slovenia


As a magnificent and scenic place, Slovenia is a great tourist destination full of lakes, waterfalls, forests, mountains, plains, rivers and the sea. Slovenia has natural spas where you can improve your health with its thermal mineral waters. The country also has a lot to offer in terms of culture, cuisine and more. Its rich biodiversity makes it a heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. Not only is it wine tempting, but in Maribor, it's also possible to find that the earliest vine on Earth that still produces berry. The blossom is expected to be roughly 300 decades old. Slovenia attractions are available throughout the year but the perfect time for a Slovenia trip is, late spring or early autumn. The weather is nice and there are not that plenty of tourists around as in summertime but the days are long enough which means you will have sufficient energy and time to relish your Slovenia vacation. Although considered an "off the beaten path" destination by many Americans, Slovenia is slowly becoming very popular with travelers.

Trip Highlights

  • Tour of old castles will leave you spellbound
  • Magnificent sunsets are bound to leave you transfixed
  • Local cafes to taste Slovenian delicacies
  • Relax at lakesides and river banks
  • Tour the oldest castle in Slovenia
  • Gothic monuments of Split
  • Beautiful Plitvice Lakes




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