Kamchatka Photography Tour


The exotic wildlife of Kamchatka awaits you

Kamchatka is known for its expansive area where numerous species of exotic wildlife animals can be found. Visiting this mesmerizing destination in Russia is no less than a pleasure. Every bit of the peninsula located in the northeastern region of Russia is filled with great views, scrumptious food, and all of that comes down to making it the ultimate traveling destination. The greatest attraction one would find here are the 300 volcanoes, many of which are active. So many of them have been included as a World Heritage site and you can be sure to spot a brown bear or two near them. Watching them bear fishing is a rare sight and some do get to experience that too.

Trip Highlights
  • A chance to catch a sight of the world’s largest bear population in the world.
  • Bear fishing along the rivers of Kamchatka’s rivers which are the perfect example of all that the natural resources in the region have to offer.
  • No one has gone back from Kamchatka without experiencing a helicopter ride in the Valley of Geysers. The volcanic lands would be right under you to see.
  • Sea Life and birds will be waiting for you during the full-day tour to the Russian Bay.
  • Kurki Lake is the home ground of bears and you can watch them taking care of their cubs and catching salmon.
  • Pacific Ocean Bay is the breeding ground for sea lions and a walk among its wilderness is a must to do when in Kamchatka.
  • Steller sea eagles are another aspect of your trip to look forward to.

Day 1

Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the largest city of Kamchatka and is known for the cliffs ‘three brothers’ across the world. You would be greeted by them and the oldest Russian city so far once you have landed. Later on, an attendant will take you to your hotel where you can rest for a bit and then get yourself geared up for a walk along the pacific ocean and dip your feet into the black sand.

The day will end with an overnight stay at your hotel.

Day 2

Experience Milkovo village

After breakfast, you will be taken to experience the numerous volcanoes of Kamchatka in the valley of Geysers, through a helicopter ride. Watching everything from the bird’s eye view would be no less than an adventure. After the great experience, it would be time to move onto Milkovo village where you will be staying in a hotel.

There are great cafes to have a good meal for dinner, around the village.

a bear fishing with its cubs in the waters of kamchatka, russia

Day 3

Helicopter ride above Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcanoes

Late in the morning on this day, you will be taken to your next destination, which is Kozirevsk village. It is known for its mountain lake where you can take a helicopter ride to admire the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcanoes among many others. The next stop on this day will be the Dvukyutrochanya river where watching the brown bear fishing for salmon will be the highlight. You need not be scared of the bears as they would be occupied with the endless number of fish in front of them.

Later in the day, you can enjoy a bowl of soup and Kamchatka fish which is a true delicacy.

Day 4

Watching brown bear fishing

If you are taking a Kamchatka photo tour then this is your day. After breakfast, you would have a chance to see the brown bear fishing from a close distance. Despite being one of the most dangerous animals you will come across, here you will see them in their habitat enjoying their time catching salmon for themselves.

There are hot springs also nearby and you can end the day by spending relaxing moments in those springs.

blue coloured lake near the volcanoes of kamchatka, russia

Day 5

Catch fish for yourself

By now, you would have learned a thing or two from the bears so you can try your hand as well at fishing. Post breakfast, you can go bear watching as it is the best time to do so, and later in the day salmon fishing awaits you.

The dinner could be something you have caught.

Day 6

Observing white-tailed eagles

When one speaks of Kamchatka, they just can’t forget brown bears. There is nothing more than the brown bears that make a Kamchatka photo tour perfect. This is why you have another day to watch the wild bears in their natural environment and observe them from a safe distance.

Groups of stellers and white-tailed eagles will also be a part of this observation day.

snow capped mountain on the background of petropavlovsk kamchatskiy city in russia

Day 7

Travel to Esso village

Your day would be starting late but with as much thrill because of the helicopter ride over the Kozirevsk village where you can see Chashakondja volcano right under you. Soon, you will reach Esso village which is also known for its hot springs. The village is also known as the swiss Kamchatka because of its photo-worthy views and the very rich culture.

Later in the day, a museum tour and attending cultural workshops like beading are on the to-do list.

Day 8

Back to Petropavlovsk

After breakfast, it would be time to go back to the hotel in Petropavlovsk by an evening at most.

After dinner, you can rest in the hotel for the next day ahead of you.

fumarole fields on the small valley of geysers near petropavlovsk, kamchatka, russia

Day 9

Boat trip around Avcha bay

This entire day, you will have to yourself to explore. There are many activities that you can partake in during the day, including a boat ride around Avcha bay or a helicopter excursion over Uzon Caldera.

It would be the perfect day to stock up on souvenirs for your family and friends.

Day 10

Back to pavilion

This would be your last day in Kamchatka as it would soon be time to bid adieu to its scenic bounties. It will be an early day and you will have time to stop at the fish market, post which you will be taken to the airport to board your flight back home.

three brothers rocks, kamchatka, avacha bay on pacific ocean