Malaysian Borneo Orangutan Trail


The two-week Borneo Orangutan Tour gives the guests the pleasure of exploring the spellbinding scenic beauty of Borneo’s amazing white-sand beaches. It is perfect for long walks in the lap of nature, pictures, escape, and whatever the guests possibly want.


Among the others, you will visit Gaya Island. This impeccable island, off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, is the perfect spot to abandon climbing boots for casual flip flops. This place provides something that all the guests look for tranquility and a break from the hustle and bustle of cities.


During the orangutan trekking tours, you will go trekking to various sites like the Kadazandusun burial site and other jungles with Borneo orangutans. The tour, on the plus side, is full of adventurous activities as well. You can also snorkel, try diving, take a river cruise, stop at a jacuzzi pool, boat in the mangrove forest, etc.

Trip Highlights
  • Rejuvenate the soul in the white-sand beaches of Orangutan
  • Night Safari at Danum Valley Conservation Area
  • Go on a 300-meter canopy walkway
  • Trek to Kadazandusun burial site
  • Relish in the Jacuzzi pool
  • Traverse along the Segama Trail
  • Morning and night walk near Borneo Rainforest Lodge
  • Visit the Gamotang Caves
  • Plant trees with the local villagers
  • Go on a cruise to watch the display of fireflies
  • Jungle trek in Gaya Island
  • Try snorkeling and diving

Day 1

Arrival in Kota Kinabalu

The Borneo Orangutan Tour begins as you land at Kota Kinabalu. From the airport, you will have to take a drive to Rasa Ria Resort and spend the rest of the day resting.

Day 2

Relax at the Resort

You will spend the whole day relaxing and getting familiar with the new surroundings.

Day 3

Fly to Lahad Datu

The third day of the tour starts early, as you will need to go to the airport to board the flight to Lahad Datu. It takes a short drive from Lahad Datu to reach Borneo Rainforest Lodge at Danum Valley Conservation Area.


The guides will take you on a 300-meter canopy walkway to spot the animals and birds and experience life in the treetops after a delicious buffet lunch at the lodge. Anyone who is not in a physically healthy condition should avoid taking this walk; it is not for the weak.


On returning to the lodge, you can rest and relish their services. If the weather stays pleasant, you may go on a night safari or a night walk post-dinner.

Day 4

Trek on the Coffin Trail

The fourth day of the orangutan trekking tour starts early in the morning with a trek on the Coffin Trail to an old Kadazandusun burial spot along with a spectacular viewing point. Before returning to the lodge, the trip includes a stop in the jacuzzi pool for the enjoyment of the guests.


A short while after lunch, you will go on a short walk around the Segama Trail.


The overnight stay and dinner are at the lodge in which you will be staying. You can again go on a night walk or safari provided the weather is good.


Day 5

Visit the Gomantong Caves

Since it is the last day in the Danum Conservation Area of the Borneo Orangutan Tour, you may take an early walk here before pulling back to Lahad Datu. On arrival in Lahad Datu, you will need to drive to the Kinabatangan River region. You then need to check in to your riverside lodge, and you can visit the Gomantong Caves after that.


You may take a cruise around 4 p.m. to explore the wildlife in the region. You will eat and sleep at the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge for the day.

view from hotel inside borneo rainforest lodge in sabah, malaysia

Day 6

Watch the Firefly Display on Cruise

You can now move to your next lodge. The drive to the next river lodge will be an opportunity to explore the wild on the way. On reaching the lodge, you can take part in planting trees along with the villagers there.


You can relax a bit after eating lunch. Next, you will go for an early evening cruise since the wildlife during this time of the day is more active, and you may spot some distinguishing animals if you keep an eye.


The cruise ends before dark. However, the adventure does not end because the tour includes a firefly display cruise after dinner.

Day 7

Boating Through the Mangrove Forest

The sounds of the wilderness shall wake you upon your eighth day of the Orangutan trekking tours. Later in the day, you can go boating through the mangrove forests up to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center. You can watch the feeding of orangutans, an extremely marvelous experience, during the afternoon at the center.


You will spend the night at the resort you will stay at.

baby orangutans with parent in the jungles of borneo, malaysia

Day 8

Reach Gaya Island

You will need to go back to the Sandakan airport for the flight back to Kota Kinabalu. Next, you will move to the dock and take the retreat speedboat across to Gaya Island Resort. The stay here, on Gaya Island, is 5 days.


The luxury resort offers wonderful snorkeling and diving experiences to its guests. You will enjoy yourself without limits during your stay on the island and at the resort.


You will spend the night only at the resort.


Days 9 - 12

Jungle Treks

You can spend most of your time simply exploring the beautiful island. There are some mind-blowing jungle treks that they must not miss on this island. During your trek, you may spot the proboscis monkey that stays here.

Day 13

Returning Kota Kinabalu

The Borneo Orangutan tour comes to an end. You can return to Kota Kinabalu and catch your flight back home.