Papua New Guinea Classic Birding


The island of Papua New Guinea, housing over 700 species of birds comprising land, freshwater, sea, and migratory birds, is a bird lover’s utopia. Most famously, it is home to thirty-eight of the forty species of birds that are popularly known as the Birds of Paradise. Besides the Birds of paradise, PNG is home to a plethora of passerines, including trillers, thrushes, shrikes, cuckoo-shrikes, log runners, warblers, and many more. One also finds a variety of parrots, owls, kingfishers, mynahs, orioles, cockatoos, hornbills, birds of prey, and pigeons (the most famous is the Victorian Crown Pigeon) in the rainforests of the island.


This birds of paradise tour takes you to the Western Highlands Province and the Eastern Sepik Province of PNG, two of the birding hotspots in the country.

Trip Highlights
  • Birding in the rainforests of the Western Highland Province.
  • Birding in the forests of the Enga Province.
  • Sightings of the Raggiana Bird of Paradise, PNG’s national bird.
  • The boat ride from Karawari airstrip to accommodation.
  • Birding in the lowland rainforests of Karawari
  • Visits to local villages

Day 1

Arrival at Mt. Hagen

After arrival at Mt. Hagan Kagamuga Airport, guests will be driven 60 miles to the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.


The guests have the rest of the day at your leisure. One can treat their eyes to the mesmerizing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains that the place has to offer and get ready for the birding excursions of this birds of paradise tour.

Days 2 - 5

Four days of Birding in the PNG highlands

The lush green rainforests of the PNG highlands are home to over three hundred species of birds, including ten species of Birds of Paradise, the highlight of this birds of paradise tour.


While birding in these high-altitude, pristine forests, birders can expect to catch glimpses of numerous orchid species. Walking on the numerous walking trails that crisscross the forest, birders will look for species like the Brown Sicklebill, the Macgregor’s Bowerbirds, the Stephanie’s Astrapia, the Black Sicklebill, the Buff-tailed Sicklebill, the Short-tailed Paradigalla, and the marquee species of this birds of paradise tour, the King of Saxony Bird of Paradise and the Superb Bird of Paradise.


In one of these four days, a visit to the Enga Province is also planned. This province, renowned for its birds of Paradise sightings, is indeed a mouth-watering fixture for bird lovers on this bird of paradise tour. Here one can expect to see species like the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, the Brehm’s Tiger Parrot, the Regent Whistler, the Rufous-naped Bellbird, the Belford’s Melidectes, and the Brown Sicklebill. Sightings of the Eastern Crested Berrypecker and the White-winged robin are also common.


During this period, a visit to a nearby village is also planned to see the Raggiana Bird of Paradise, the national bird of Papua New Guinea.

brehm's tiger parrot in papua new guinea, oceania

Day 6

Towards Karawari

After breakfast, the guests are transferred to Mt. Hagen Airport from where they catch a flight to the Karawari region in the Eastern Sepik Province of PNG.


This part of PNG is totally cut-off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature here is pristine and ancient. A boat ride in the Karawari river on the way to their accommodation gives them a glimpse of life in Karawari. The region, housing sweeping, lowland rainforests that boasts of numerous exotic species of birds, is one of the marquee locations of the birds of paradise tour.


After checking in, there is a brief birding excursion planned nearby the accommodation facility.

small hut in enga province of papua new guinea, oceania

Days 7 - 9

Birding in the lowland rainforests of Karawari

The Karawari rainforests are home to 229 species of birds, including three species of the Birds of Paradise. During the birding excursion in these rainforests, which are home to a plethora of flora and fauna, guests will see different varieties of parrots such as the Eclectus, the Lorikeets, the Edwards Fig parrot, and the Palm Cockatoo. Among the Birds of Paradise, one can expect to see the King, the Magnificent Riflebird, and the Twelve-wired bird of paradise. Besides, there will also be sightings of various birds of prey, owls, honeyeaters, and bowerbirds.


There will also be visits to a few of the nearby forests where guests will be treated to traditional dances and ceremonies.

brown sicklebill feasting on a fruit in papua new guinea, oceania

Day 10

Final glimpse of the Birds

From Karawari, the guests are taken back to Mt. Hagen, where they spend their last evening in PNG either relaxing or exploring the forests for a final glimpse of the Birds of Paradise.

Day 11


This day marks the end of the birds of paradise tour.


Guests are transferred to the Mt. Hagen airport in time for their flights.

national bird of papua new guinea raggiana bird of paradise