Sulawesi Birding


Sulawesi islands in Indonesia had the benefit of being cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, hence it has developed and evolved its unique biodiversity. The place now boasts of the largest number of endemic species of flora and fauna in the world. Many birds that are found here are unique to the area and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Bird-watching in Sulawesi is a breathtaking experience as one is bombarded with one unique bord after another. The bird watchers of the world are always surprised at the unusual species of birds that flock the island. Have a wonderful bird-watching experience as you traverse from one National Park to another in this Sulawesi Birding tour.

Trip Highlights
  • Get a glimpse of endemic birds of Sulawesi
  • Trek the wonderful Mt. Mahawu
  • Explore the culture of Indonesia in Manado
  • Traverse through various National Parks in Sulawesi

Day 1

Arrive at Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia. The first day of the Sulawesi Birding Tour will be spent in the city.

Day 2

Lore Lindu National Park

The next day, the guests will be transferred to Palu and from there, to the first National Park of this tour, Lore Lindu National Park. During the trip, the guests can catch a glimpse of birds that can be spotted at the greenery that covers the roadside.

Days 3 - 4

Birding at Lore Lindu National Park

Spend the two days of your tour in the Lore Lindu National Park. The days will be spent going on treks and bird watching to catch the sight of as many birds as possible. The National Park is flocked by various species such as Rufous-throated Flycatcher, Satanic Nightjar, Rhinoceros hornbill, Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon, Sulawesi Ground Dove just to name a few. One can find most of the endemic Sulawesi birds in the Lore Lindu National Park. One can also get a glimpse of Sulawesi hornbills and the Giant Civet.

Day 5

Back to Palu

The guests will journey through the road to Play while making stops to increase their chances of spotting the unusual Sulawesi birds. Watch the Savanna Nightjar, White-shouldered Triller, and various other birds by the rice fields on the way to Palu.

Day 6


From Palu, the guests will travel to Parigi. The journey will be spent birding along the way.

Day 7


From Parigi, the guests will be transferred to Marisa as they progress through the birding tour.

Day 8


From Marisa to Gorontalo, the guests will make a stop at Randangan Panua Reserve to catch a glimpse of endemic birds. After a short birding experience, they will proceed to Gorontalo.

Day 9

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

From Gorontalo, the guests will reach the vast Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, famous for some of the most unique Sulawesi birds. Among these, the guests can get a sight of Maleo. The bird is famous for its egg-laying practice. It lays the eggs in the hot volcanic soil. Along with the unique Maleo, one can see Sulawesi hawk-eagle, Sulawesi Hornbills, rhinoceros hornbill, and other species of birds.

Days 10 - 11


Spend the morning of the tenth day exploring Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park. After that, the guests will travel to Doloduo to continue their Sulawesi Bird watching experience. Sulawesi Black Pigeon, Myna, Sulawesi cicada bird, Sulawesi Babbler are some of the endemic species that are found in the area.

Day 12


Get on the road in the wee hours of the morning to catch the cacophony that resounds in Amband in the dawn. Matican Flycatcher, Drab Whistler, Sulawesi Drongo, Sulawesi Serpent Eagle, and various other birds fill the forest with their melodious sounds. After this wonderful experience, the guests will spend the day on Molibagu Road as they keep an eye out for the sight of birds.

Day 13


Spend the morning birding in Kotamobagu and then the guests will prepare to set out for the next destination in their itinerary, Tomohon.

Day 14


The guests will have an exquisite shopping experience at the local market of Tomohon. The market sells animals such as rats, dogs, snakes, etc. Once the guests have had their fill of this unique experience, they will head to Tangkok. Before reaching, they will stop to trek to Mount Mahawu. The lush greenery and fresh air will rejuvenate the guests and refresh them.

After the trekking, the guests will finally reach Tangkok. The evening and night will be spent in the Tangkok park effort to watch the nocturnal wildlife, including the Sulawesi Black Monkey and Spectral Tarsier.

Day 15


Spend the day birding in the Tangkok park. The guests may have the experience of watching Sulawesi Scops-owl, Dwarf Hornbill, yellow-bellied Malkoha, Bay Coucal, and dozens of other endemic species of birds.

Day 16


The dawn will be spent looking for birds that the guests might have missed the previous day as well as tarsiers. After the early morning birding, the guests will move to Manado. Here, they will enjoy the Indonesian culture by visiting the Ban Hinklong Temple and Tunan Waterfalls. The city gives a different, quieter perspective on life.

Day 17


From Manado, the guests will be dropped at the Manoda Airport from where they can catch the flight to their next destination.