Introduction to Tasmania


Tasmania is one of the most beautiful destinations for a vacation. There are hundreds of reasons for you to choose Tasmania for your holidays. We offer many Tasmania vacation packages, and here we’ll discuss the shortest one we offer. A short vacation means having a mini-vacation whenever you want. Getting away from the mundane and into the beauty of nature can be great for your efficiency. The effects of a short vacation can be much greater than you might predict. Let’s discuss the 5-day vacation package to Tasmania offered by us.

Trip Highlights
  • Get up-close to native wildlife such as the Bicheno Penguins, Pademelon, Tasmanian devil, Platypus, Wombat, etc.
  • Explore the most beautiful Russell waterfall, situated in the lap of Mother Nature.
  • Explore the lush ambiance of Montezuma Falls
  • Tarkine Rainforest: This Rainforest is known for its variety of flora and fauna. It is one of a kind that can be found in Tasmania.
  • The Bicheno Penguins: When you end your day around a beach, these are the thing you may not expect to see. Yet we offer you the opportunity to have a look at these amazing creatures at the end of the day.
  • Strahan: Historically Strahan has been a port for fishing fleets but now it is one of the most significant localities for tourism in the region.
  • Bay of Fires: The beautiful white beaches with orange granite stones make an alluring combination.
  • Tasmanian devil: The Tasmanian devil used to be a native to the Mainland of the country. But now the only place you can find these creatures is on the island and they are worth it.

Day 1

The Gordon River Cruise

As mentioned earlier, we leave from Hobart, driving through the Derwent Valley. Going to the west of the island, we see the iconic Russell Falls. Next, you get to walk in Mountain Field National Park and feel nature firsthand. The next spot is the deepest freshwater lake in the country, Lake St. Clair. Before ending your day at Strahan, you will visit the Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park. This ends your first day of the Tasmania vacation package, and then you stay in Strahan for the night.


Day 2

The Montezuma Falls

On day 2, we move further in the west direction towards the bewildering west coast of Tasmania. There, you will observe the shifting sands at the famous Henty Dunes. Next, you get a view of the highest waterfall in Tasmania, Montezuma Falls, situated in the Tarkine Rainforest. You can also opt for the Gordon River Cruise if you wish to. At the end of day 2, you will rest in Strahan overnight.


Day 3

The town of murals

The fun keeps on increasing on Day 3. One of the best tourist attractions, also listed as a global heritage site, is Lake St. Clair, National Park. Situated 950m above sea level in the Cradle Mountains, it is a delight to look at. Here, you can choose a walk as long as it suits you. You can choose a hike to Marion’s Lookout or a short stroll around Dove Lake. While the stroll is very pleasant, the hike gives you a thrill and a challenging feeling. After this, you ride the bus to Launceston through Sheffield, also known as the 'town of murals'. This is where you spend your night and get back to the Tasmanian adventure the next day.

Day 4

The Bay of Fires

On day 4, we turn towards the east coast. Also in this direction, we get to the lavish Bay of Fires. The East Coast is one of the best places to take a swim and relax, given the conditions. Then we continue the beautiful drive along the coast from St. Helens and reach Bicheno. This is where you meet the renowned Tasmanian devil during your visit to the wildlife sanctuary up there. At the end of the day, you may view little penguins and end the day on a high note at Bicheno.

Day 5

The Wineglass Bay Cruise

After spending the night at Bicheno, we start the last day of our Tasmania vacation package early. Rising early means that you will get the opportunity to be the first at the Wineglass Bay Lookout. You will then have the bewitching Freycinet National Park to visit. After that, you can choose a challenging walk to Mt. Amos or relax at the beaches. In the end, you experience the most alluring ride along the beautiful east coast through Swansea and end up in Hobart. This will be the end of the 5-day tour to Tasmania. This will be a tour you remember for the rest of your life.

At the end of this 5-day tour to Tasmania, be assured that you will be satisfied with your time spent there. We are sure you will be thinking about a bigger package for your next vacation with us.