Volcano Orangutans & Beaches


Indonesian Borneo is a welcome escape from the bustling crowds of Indonesia. Spend time among the pristine forests and Orangutans in this Indonesia Wildlife tour. Head east from the cityscape of Yogyakarta to see breath-taking sunrise over Mount Bromo. Witness the grandeur of the mighty temple of Borobudur before heading to Kalimantan, a lesser-known region to view orangutans, and learn about their plight. On this Indonesia Wildlife tour, guests can find out how the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is helping animals get back into the wild. Explore the sandy beaches of Southern Bali to end your tour on a luxurious note.

Trip Highlights
  • Marvel at the wonders of Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java.
  • Visit the beautiful Buddha complex in Borobudur, set amidst magical jungles.
  • Explore the Hindu temple of Prambanan and the scenic green plantations on your way up to Mount Borneo.
  • Explore Java’s most beautiful volcano and witness a breath-taking sunrise in this region.
  • Enjoy the journey on a klotok at Kalimantan.
  • Spend time with the orangutans at Bapallas Island.
  • Visit Sanur and other beautiful beaches of Southern Bali to end the tour on a relaxing note.

Days 1 - 3

Wonderful Yogyakarta

Explore the many wonders of Yogyakarta on the first three days of the Indonesia Wildlife tour. Watching the sunrise over the majestic Buddhas in the misty morning jungle at Borobudur is a lifetime experience. This is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. When the surroundings are awash with subtle hues of purple in the dawn, guests can wander between the stupas and enjoy the mystic and magical environment. Guests shall stay in Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. Before dawn, head out to Borobudur to watch the beautiful sunrise. Following this, guests are escorted to Mount Borneo in a private car with a driver.

The journey is approximately 3-hours long.

Days 4 - 6

Rumbling Bromo

Mount Bromo is Java’s most photogenic volcano with a perfectly-shaped cinder-cone. Visit the Hindu temple of Prambanan en-route and enjoy the flavors of the local life staying in a small village. guests can hike through the fertile green plantations and climb the curling scenic road to reach the volcanoes. Enjoy a picturesque sunrise at Bromo. On your way back, the driver shall take you to the Surabaya Airport for your flight to Kalimantan. The drive takes nearly 4 hours and the direct flight to Palangkaraya is just over 1 hour. Following this, guests can visit the train station at Kuala Lumpur and take a train to the heritage city of Ipoh.

The journey is approximately 2.5-hours long.

Days 7 - 9


Once you arrive at Palangkaraya, the guests are transferred to one of the modern hotels for the night. The adventure starts on the following morning when your driver takes you to the port. Spend the next couple of nights as a true explorer aboard a traditional boat (klotok) while venturing into the heart of Central Kalimantan. There are only a handful of cabins, a viewing deck, and an outside dining area in the klotok. The journey on the klotok is one of the chief highlights of the Indonesia wildlife tour. The floating hotel is cozy and comfortable, offering beautiful sights and sounds of the surrounding magical forests.

As the guests cruise down the winding jungle river, they are likely to spot wildlife varieties native to Indonesia. In this Indonesia Wildlife tour, guests can canoe around the majestic lakes and interact with the indigenous Dayak people who are native to Borneo. The most special experience for wildlife enthusiasts is the visit to Bapallas Island. On this island, the orangutans are released for the final stage of their rehabilitation program. Watching these fascinating primates swing between the trees in their natural habitat is one of the many perks of this Indonesia Wildlife tour. Once your klotok-journey ends at the docks of the Palangkaraya port, the guests are transferred to the airport for a flight to Bali, either via Jakarta or Surabaya.

Once you arrive at Denpasar, a private car shall transfer you to the beautiful coastal town of Sanur.

Days 10 - 12

Beaches of Bali

Relax in the beautiful beaches of southern Bali. Guests can snooze on the sands, take a stroll on the beaches, indulge in spa treatments, and soak up in the sunshine. Sanur is a southern beach with a rustic and deliciously drowsy vibe. It is the perfect place to end the busy Indonesia Wildlife tour. Enjoy the narrow beaches, spa treatments, and delicious seafood. Unwind at the pool or take a leisurely walk along the beach. At the end of the stay in Sanur, guests are collected from their hotel and transferred to the airport for their return journey.

With beautiful memories of the Indonesia Wildlife tour, guests can return to their homes at the end of this eventful trip.