Photography tours

Our photo tours are fixed departure group tours of 6-12 people led by an experienced photography mentor where the aim of the group is the improve the photography skills in theory and practice. The destination is usually a place filled with wildlife or landscape photo opportunities.

How photo tours are different from usual tours

  • Focus is on wildlife and nature photography
  • Like minded group sharing a common passion
  • Carefully designed to maximise photo opportunities
  • Theory sessions on advanced photography concepts
  • On-field guidance in real life situations
  • Learning from examples and mistakes – ours and others
  • One on one review sessions with photography mentor

Introduction to Wild Voyager


These unique journeys have been meticulously planned to perfection to take care of your comfort and photography learning. In all these trips you have a professional wildlife and nature photographer accompanying you to get the best out of the photographer in you. You are pushed to the boundaries of creative imagination and forced to blend theoretical inputs with visualisation and evolve a distinct photography style of yours.