Camouflage Face and Neck Mask


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In the hot Indian summers, this is the perfect solution to keep your face protected against hot air and dust. Just slip it down your head below the eyes and covering upto neck, and have your face protected against the harsh weather. Our proprietary camo print (TM) helps you do that in style.

Key Highlights:  

  • Stretchable and light weight (~40gms)
  • Saves from dust and pollution
  • Breathable and sweat free
  • Durable material
  • Printed on our proprietary Camo print (TM)
  • Soft on the skin


How to Use Camouflage face and neck mask?
Pull it down your head, below your eyes, and cover your face with it down to the neck. The soft elastic material will fit smoothly on your face shielding it from dust and pollution. Beat the Indian heat in style with this small lightweight accessory
Where can I use this Camouflage face and neck mask? 
  • Photography outdoor shoots
  • Running and hiking
  • Birding
  • Biking
Dimensions of  Camouflage elastic neck scarf:
  • Size: 10 inch height x 19 inch circumference