Wild Voyager Lightweight Ghillie Suit


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How many times has that bird flown away from you, while you approached it? No more with this specially crafted leaf pattern ghillie suit. Once you wear this, you will merge with forest surroundings and appear as a pile of leafs to birds and animals, which will make it much easier to approach them at closer distances for your photography or observation.

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Key features

  • Made of lightweight net and appears to be a bunch of leaves. Merges completely with forest surroundings.
  • Wear over your normal clothes – t-shirts and trousers etc.
  • It is a free size and works fine till waist of 48 inches. However in case your waist is 48 inch and above, advice to check with us before buying.
  • The set has a camouflage trouser and jacket with extendable hood.
  • The material is breathable and thin and suitable for Indian summers.

How it helps

  • Lets you approach birds and mammals from closer distances (while maintaining photography ethics and at your own risk)
  • Lets you give different perspective to your wildlife photography with closer shots depicting animal behaviour


  • Jacket Length – 35.4 inch
  • Trouser length – 43.3 inch