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This tiny island nation poised perfectly in the Indian Ocean though small in size is no lesser when compared to the natural beauty and wildlife that abounds here in plenty. Surrounded by water on all sides it acts as an excellent habitat for marine ecosystems that flourish here with panache. The rainforest existing in some regions to the arid plains in others, Sri Lanka is also the land of highlands and mystifying beaches. With 103 rivers that cut across the island and give rise to numerous gorgeous waterfalls, it is also home to a number of lagoons and estuaries that act as ideal breeding grounds for a large variety of flora and fauna. The mangrove ecosystem thrives along parts of its coastal regions, which along with its tropical and warm climate generates and sustains an enviable biodiversity.

The history and culture of the country dates back to over more than 2500 years. Heavily influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism, the traditions are primarily of the Sinhalese with large population of Tamil migrants. The country has been through a civil war in recent times and the unrest has in many ways affected the forests and the wildlife. However, that was nearly a decade ago and Sri Lanka is back on its feet, hosting and boasting of tourism, wildlife and its warm people.

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Wildlife safaris


With a large number of endemic species in its kitty Sri Lanka is a great wildlife hub, flaunting a vast range of ecosystems from marine, forest, coastal and riverine to arid lands. Each of the ecosystems encompasses a rich biodiversity and species that are a delight to watch. The Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya), lions, small loris, sloth bears, wild bears and the purple faced langur are some of the many species that are found here.

Marine ecosystems comprises of different turtle species, dolphins, whales and more.


Bird watching

Sri Lanka is home to around 250 bird species and hosts a varied number of migratory birds. The country is home to various bird sanctuaries which are hotspots for bird lovers and rare species such as, the red faced malkoha and Sri Lanka blue magpie are spotted here.

Separated from India by the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait, Sri Lanka is a perfect island getaway for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts.