The team

Alankar Chandra.
Alankar is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and Delhi College of Engineering. He has held senior to top leadership positions in leading MNCs prior to chasing his passion of Exploration and Wildlife & Nature photography with Wild Voyager. He is a classic case of turning passion into profession. Apart from being an entrepreneur he is also one of the leading natural history photographers from India. His passion for exploration and photography has taken him to remote wilderness destinations in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Iceland and Norway to name a few. He is a thought leader in travel industry and entrepreneurship, and his interviews and works have been published by leading national and global publications. He is widely followed on social media with over 200,000 followers. He is also a regular speaker at Industry events, Indian institute of Managements and international tourism roadshows.
Anuj Mukherjee
Anuj is a veteran of the travel industry and guest servicing is ingrained in his DNA. Prior to Wild Voyager, he was business head for a leading inbound luxury travel company in India, and has worked with multitudes of HNI guests. He understands the nuances of what it takes to plan a perfect luxury holiday. With him helming the operations team, even the smallest of details are put perfectly in place to give the perfect holiday experience to guests. He is an avid wildlife enthusiast and passionate photographer. When not in office, he can be surely found in some or the other jungle. Before venturing into travel industry, he was a veteran market research consultant to leading MNCs. Anuj is a Post Graduate in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and Sociology graduate from Presidency college in Kolkata.
Shweta Seth
Shweta is a luxury travel industry veteran with over 14 years of experience across B2B and B2C segments. She has catered to the UK and US markets primarily, and has spent over 11 years in the UK in the travel industry. She is poised to service international luxury travellers perfectly and is a delight to communicate with. She comes with a deep rooted destination expertise for Indian subcontinent and her ability to design and execute complex itineraries, with varied expectations of guests, in a simple and modular manner has been well appreciated over the years. Being an explorer herself, she spends a considerable time in exploring new luxury destinations and properties to handpick the crme de la crme for our guests. She is a graduate from Delhi University.
Shruti Sharma
Shruti is another travel industry veteran with over 15 years of experience and comes with deep rooted expertise in travel operations. She has worked with some of the Indian travel industry bigwigs and understands Indian subcontinent as a destination like very few people do. Her management of trip logistics is stuff of legends, not even minutest of gaps escape her trained eyes. Right from selecting the right hotels as per guest brief, to designing the itinerary as per guest expectation of activities and pace, to selecting the right places for wine & dine, to getting the right guides in place, to sprinkling a few surprises here and there, she manages the entire guest trip lifecycle like a charm. She is a graduate from Delhi University and also speaks German fluently.
Shadab Alam
Shadab keeps our numbers in line and documented, is the first in line to handle our taxes and GST, is our interface with the banks, we all pray at his altar to clear our expenses and he comes up with numbers and reports periodically which no one here understands. In short he manages our accounts. He comes with over 7 years of experience in accounts and has worked with different multi-national corporations prior to us, though we think his real expertise lies in posting unique whatsapp profile pictures every now and then! He is a graduate from IGNOU.