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Type of journeys



We offer limited scuba diving and snorkeling trips at our favourite sea-waters around the world. The safety arrangements are best in the world, as well as the guides who accompany you on the dives. You need to be a certified diver to undertake some of these trips.

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Journeys with a purpose of exploration. These are usually focussed on a theme like bird-watching, polar expeditions, culinary tour etc. The logistics are never too harsh and can be managed by reasonably fit individuals. Mid-range to semi-luxury accommodation is used in most such journeys.

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Our signature luxury tours, which are designed to pamper your senses and rejuvenate you. From the places to stay to the food to the travel, everything is curated with a touch of panache. All the minutest elements like your wine preferences to color preferences etc are taken care of, and the experience is as personalised as it could be.

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A journey with your friends and family should be all about sharing special moments together. Our flagship product, #WVmoments is all about travelling to happy places on Earth with your loved ones, like on an African safari or a Northern Lights exploration.

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These trips are for those who wish to see and experience the rarest wildlife or sights on this planet and are ready to rough it out if necessary. These trips are designed for you to chase a particular rare wildlife or birds, or venture to remotest frontiers of Earth where a select few have travelled before.

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These journeys are a product of love and our destination research for years. These journeys are designed to (re)kindle the romance in your life and are designed with fine touches like private beach dining, couple treks, couple wellness sessions as some examples.

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We started as a photography tours company and we are very proud of that. We still have this signature offering with select photography tours on offer, which are led by award winning nature photographers.

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We offer limited treks around the world, which we love ourselves. The difference from a regular trekking tour is that we curate the best stay experiences possible in these remote treks, and the treks are led by authentic trek leaders who are experts in geology and history of the place and are not just trekking guides who take you from point A to point B.

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Our wellness tours are designed to pamper your senses and aim at holistic rejuvenation. These trips usually start with a comprehensive consultation session with our wellness expert on the first day, who then customises the wellness regime of the rest of your trip as per your body condition and preferences.

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