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About Us

Life is not always measured in achievements, but also in moments

Moments where we transcend our predictable existences and become the explorers and storytellers who wrote the books of human progress.

The story of living amidst the Lions

The story of those bonfire discussions with an aboriginal tribe

The story of a different high … scaling the world’s oldest desert

The story of drenching in the colors of an ancient civilisation

The story of exploring the final frontier of our planet

The story of the naughty Tiger cubs

In these moments, we take a leap of faith and venture from the known to the unknown to find our higher calling and we feel truly alive.

These stories are also about moving life back to the second gear, allowing your heart to immerse in the sound of those raindrops, and pampering yourself with good things in life, which are curated just for you.

The story of living underwater with sharks and other fishes

The story of living like a Maharaja amidst the royal grandeur

The story of “plunging” over the wildernesses

The story of indulging in a meal slow cooked for 36 hours

The story of gazing at Northern lights from your private glass igloo

The story of cherishing the monument of love, with your love

The story of discovering the ancient wellness secrets

Wild Voyager was started with a passion to rekindle the sense of wonder for travel, through authentic experiences; first it leaves you speechless and then brings out the story-teller in you

We take you to our happy places around the world, for some of the most exotic wildlife, birding, nature, culture and leisure experiences which become your stories for tomorrow.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


  • For us each journey is defined by a purpose
  • While our most popular product is #WVmoments, which is for enjoying with friends and family, the other journeys are more purpose oriented.
  • #WVexplore is for exploring remote frontiers of world, #WVrares is tracking of rare animals or birds, #WVluxe is luxury tours and so on.

The journey begins in your mind, the day you decide to break free from the mundane and chase the extraordinary.

Our travel experience designers work with you as your friend and guide to freeze in on a destination and then a plan, which is about your travel aspirations, and designed at your comfortable pace. We will take most of your hassles of planning and execution stage, the only effort you will need to make is in packing your clothes!


Authentic experiences, from the heart
The holidays we curate for you are all first-hand experiences. Each of the itineraries listed on our website is a heartfelt experience that has been undertaken by one or more of our team members, and has been fine-tuned with a lot of in the field experience. We are not here to sell you travel, but to handcraft unique experiences of your lifetime!

The rigour of execution
Our in-house operations team meticulously manages your travel to the minutest detail and we never outsource trips to any third party vendor as your quality of experience matters the most to us. Still things can go wrong once in a while, but our guests have been moved by the empathy with which we have always stood by them.

Goodwill ambassadors for mother earth
We believe that tourism needs to be more inclusive and the local communities must benefit from that. When you travel with us, you indirectly touch upon lives in many ways. Be it sponsoring the education of a poor tribal child to providing ration to a pandemic struck community to sponsoring wildlife conservation projects, as we invest (and not merely donate) a part of our income for social and environmental causes.

Happiness begets happiness
Nothing makes us more happy than seeing the happy faces of our guests, and when they shower us with so much love and respect, that makes our journey worthwhile! Every other recognition that follows, is secondary.


If you feel the time has come for you to take that leap of faith, to experience something you have not experienced before, to write a glorious chapter in the book of your life, then consult our travel experience designers at letstalk@wildvoyager.com As they say, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!