Village visits

Village Visits

An integral part of a cultural tour should be meeting the locals, as that is the most authentic way to know about the local culture and traditions. A travel company (like us), guides, travel blogs and other travel literature will always tell you their interpretation of the culture of a place, but nothing better to hear it out directly from the local villagers and form your own interpretation which is unique to you. Wherever possible and if you are interested, we try to organise these authentic interactions in a safe way so that it is also beneficial to the local communities. Eg. in the parks of Masai Mara and Serengeti, we organise you to meet the local Maasai tribes, in Namibia we help you meet the local Himba people, in Rajasthan in India, you visit the local villages of Osian and others. Each of these interactions give you an authentic impression which hundreds of travel books cannot.