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Nothing makes us more happy than seeing the happy faces of our guests, and a lot goes into achieving that. So we decided to hear it from our guests on what they loved about us. We have taken some snippets from selective guests below, and categorised them as per our core brand promises to you.


Morten Ross, Norway
“This year I was looking for a trip to India and I came across this website of Wild Voyager, and I thought can this be real? The site was so structured, its so detailed and so specific”

Tina & Mohit Pande (Ex-Country Head Google Cloud), India
“Africa was always on a bucket list we dint know what to do we had no idea who to go to we had no idea which part to see this this is so little known about Africa you know Wild Voyager like a god send”

Aditya Venkat, India
“We had been contemplating a visit to Africa for over 5 years now and the time had come and the search for the perfect itinerary and organizer. After sending out a dozen requests, one stood out with their prompt responses i.e. Wild Voyager”


Pam & Chris, Australia
“Very well organised tour you can make the wild life happen!..”

Karyna and Bob Ziegenfuss, USA
“we had a great time you guys did a great job and I hope to see you guys thanks to Wild Voyager”

Giora Ullman, Israel
“We had a wonderful time everything was organised from the beginning to there I feel that we have nothing to do only only to experience what all the experiences we had nothing to take care of everything was completely organized”

Meir Boukris, CEO Constell Group, Israel
“To all the team of Wild Voyager - your guides amazing, amazing organization, definitely we recommend for our worldwide friends who want to come and enjoy India.”

Christopher & Angela, USA
“We appreciate the opportunity to travel together its very great to be here in Sri Lanka and had a great two weeks travel this year again”

Tapan Chowdhury, Owner of Chaudhary’s estates, Kolkata
“This Iceland trip was arranged and executed with extreme professionalism with a very personal touch. The itinerary was well researched and reikied by them. Wild Voyager is a new paradigm in travel to places you must see before you die”


Srinivasan Rajagopalan, USA
“I woke up two days ago to hippos like right next to my tent which is so cool”

Dr. Golam Siddiqui, CMD Lifeline Healthcare, Bangladesh
“this is the second time in fact I am here with Wild Voyager and we are have very successful safari due to their professionalism and sincerity and these guys they know what they are doing that’s what matter to have a successful safari”

Ajit Sapre, Group President Reliance Industries, India
“Wild Voyager organized fantastic trip to Ranthambore we had a four rides all of them were fantastic and every one of them we saw wild tigers very close by infect this kind of sighting I have never seen anywhere this was us close.”

Pranjal Jain, France
“Excellent trip. The things we saw were straight out of Animal planet! Once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Laura Bancroft, USA
“I came to see that cubs and I got to see those so I could have gone home straight after that”


Jesus & family, Mexico
“The person who received us at the airport he was in contact with us every single day morning and night making sure we were okay”

Orly B, Belgium
“Everything was professional the last thing we could attach you and get connected with you during the trip whatever we wanted you got all the answers the guides were professional”

Gaurav Taneja, India
“They helped us plan each day and the game drives such that we got the most out of a day.”

Anusha Singh, Author, India
“Due to unforeseen flight cancellation by our airline (not booked by WV) we were stuck at Mumbai airport. WV team went out of their way to book us on alternate flight and ensured we left the same day”

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