Big cat safaris around the world

Big Cat Safaris

Let us get it straight, if you have not seen a big cat in the wild, you have missed something in life! At the same time, let us also warn you, it can be addictive, as we and thousands of our guests can vouch for! The options are plenty, and the world is on a platter. From spotting the majestic Tigers in India, to Lions and Cheetahs in Africa, to Leopards in India and Africa, to Snow Leopards in Asia to Jaguars in Brazil, take a pick of how you would like to open your big cat account in the wild. If you are already addicted to this game, you can look for the cats and habitats you have not been before, and maybe you can score a complete 6/6 in your lifetime! Alternately, keep drooling over your favorite big cat again, and again, and again!