Finland is a Nordic country bordering Sweden and Norway to the west and Russia to the east. Helsinki, the capital city, is made up of a peninsula and the surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world in 2019. During the winter, one can see the Northern Lights, and also experience the Polar night in the Northern parts of the country which are known as Lapland. It’s the darkest months of the year and for a few weeks, the sun does not rise above the horizon. In folklore, Finland is said to be the home of Santa Claus and has a Santa village and Santa post office in the town of Rovaniemi. Hence, Finland winter tours are famous for skiing holidays, best views of the Northern Lights and Christmas. The forest coverage of Finland is about 75%, which is one of the highest in the world. In summers it is one of the best places to spot brown bears which are seen aplenty in forests around Oulu. The Sun never sets (also known as the midnight sun) and streets are full of round the clock activity.


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The best start for all your Finland tours, Helsinki is a city that can give you a complete urban cultural and nordic nature tour all at once. The city itself is of historic importance and is famous for its artistic heritage, architecture, culinary experiences and green areas.


Riisitunturi National Park

With 75% of its area covered in forests, Finland is bound to have many national parks protecting its flora and fauna. The Riisitunturi National Park is one of the most famous of Finland’s parks which is a nature lovers’ haven with its beautiful views of hills and hanging bogs, alpine vegetation and taiga forests. There are many hiking trails in the forest that give glimpses of the unique birds and animals that thrive in the cold icy forests.

Laplands for Northern Lights

The Lapland region in the North of Finland is nothing short of a winter wonderland, with its thousands of reindeer in the wilderness and over 700 Fells and cities that exist in all their urban luxuries within minutes from forest ecosystems. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland region, which attracts tourists of all ages as the home of Santa Claus. Kittilä and Muonio are other popular tourist destinations where you can enjoy the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and the Arctic cuisine.


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