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Russia is the largest country in the world, and it is also home to some “large” natural treasures like Siberia. The Siberia region of Russia is vast, stark and beautiful at the same time, and it is home to the most elusive Siberian Tigers, which are the largest Wild Cats on this planet. While it is not easy to see one, you can surely feel their presence through pugmarks and camera trap images. Even more elusive is the Amur Leopard, which inhibits the same habitat. Siberia is also famous for its lakes, particularly Lake Baikal. Which during winter makes a great sight and an iconic trek.

Another natural biodiversity hotspot in Russia is the Kamchatka peninsula, which is home to thousands of Brown Bears, and the surroundings of Kurile lake is the best place to see them. Kamchatka is also blessed by nature and is home to many volcanoes and freshwater lakes, which are a treat for the eyes. We bring to you these select natural treasures of Russia which are truly a part of natural heritage of human-kind, and experiencing these places will add a glorious chapter to your travel book.

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