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Luxury Namibia Tours

Namibia is found in southwest Africa. It is known for the Namib desert. Namibia is situated above South Africa. Along its coast runs the Atlantic Ocean. The country is called the soul of Africa. It is also the world’s least populated country. The topography of Namibia is unique. It stands out from the rest of the African countries. It is highly suggested to embark on luxury Namibia tours at least once.

Namib is the oldest desert in the world. The name of the country is derived from this desert. It comes from the Nama origin. The name itself means ‘vast plains’. It is home to various indigenous groups. One of them is the Himba people. They live in the Kunene region.

All kinds of natural wonders reside here. Travelers can uncover scenic landscapes. Namibia also houses an abundance of wildlife. Reserves and national parks are plentiful. One can visit unusual landmarks. The country also has historical significance.

Safari in Namibia is unlike any other. One cannot find rolling savannahs. But they can expect tour deserts. Travelers can enjoy rides on red dunes. One can also opt for hikes. Helicopter rides offer a luxurious experience. These are just some activities included in luxury Namibia tours.


Namibia consists of distinct natural habitats. It has ocean shores and woodlands. It also has floodplains and deserts. They house an array of wildlife species.

One can find lion prides here. They are desert-adapted. Namibian lions have slightly longer legs. They also have shaggier coats. Rare leopards are seen in certain national parks. Travelers can spot herds of Cape Buffalo. The endangered black rhino is also seen.

The country boasts herds of the African elephant. They are the special desert elephants. They have adapted to the extreme environments of Namib. Desert elephants can survive without water for days. These big five African animals reside in Namibia.

Namibia’s cheetah population is well-known. Other predators include the spotted hyenas. They are an iconic species to see. Plain animals are also found. The most famous are giraffes. One can find plentiful zebras.

There are several distinct species to spot during luxury Namibia tours. These include aardvark and aardwolf. All four species of oryx live in the country. Travelers can appreciate sightings of the bat-eared fox. Special desert-adapted animals are found. They are exclusive to Namibia. These are meerkats and ostriches. A wildlife safari is a must while visiting here. One can see various never-seen species.


Namibia has over 700 recorded species of birds. Most of them are seasonal. The country has arid habitats. It houses a high number of dry country birds. Many near-endemic species are seen here. The dune lark is the only endemic bird of Namibia. Avid birds can spot special birds. These include blue crane and lesser jacana.

Marine life

The Namibian coastal waters are lush. It is lush with plankton and mackerels. Travelers can also see southern right whales. Dolphins, Mola Mola, and seals are frequently spotted. One can also see leatherback turtles and stingrays. Many sites are popular for deep sea fishing.

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Luxury Namibia Tours – Places to Visit

Namibia has breathtaking attractions. The country has oceans and mountain dunes. It is mostly covered with deserts. Namibia is a huge country. Moreover, it is sparsely populated. It allows travelers to explore open spaces easily. One can traverse long winding deserts. It is different from typical African safaris.

Some places in Namibia cannot be missed. These include reserves and parks. There are several historical sites as well. Namibia is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. These places include parks and the fish river canyon.

Here are the top destinations frequently included in luxury Namibia tours:

Etosha National Park

Etosha is a famous park in Namibia. It is located in northwestern Namibia. It is also one of the largest African parks. Etosha became a game reserve in 1907. The word Etosha comes from the Ndonga word. It is a Bantu dialect spoken in some parts of the county. Etosha means the ‘great white place’. This place is referred to as the Etosha pan. It is a 120 km salt pan. The pan covers almost the entirety of the park.

Etosha has accessible roads. This makes self-driving easier. It is a unique travel experience to enjoy. In total, the park has an area of 22,270 square kilometers. This huge area is filled with thriving biodiversity.

Etosha is home to the African big five. One can also spot plain animals. Cheetahs spotted hyenas, and, more are also seen. The mammal count in this park is more than 100. Birdlife accounts for 340 species.

The waterhole in the park is surrounded by the salt pan. It attracts various animal species daily. Game viewing is excellent here.


Sossusvlei is a surprising destination. It has a unique landscape that cannot be found elsewhere. Sossusvlei is known for its sand dunes. It is part of the Namib desert. Sossusvlei dunes are known to be the highest dunes on earth. They are special due to their size and color. The dunes range from red to orange. Dune 45 and Big Mama are among the well-known dunes.

Sossusvlei is situated in the Namib-Naukluft national park. Sossusvlei is one of the most special sites to visit during luxury Namibia tours. One can encounter an endless sea of red sand dunes. They stand against the bleached white pans.

There are many famous dunes to hike. Big Daddy is the highest dune. It stands 325 meters tall. Travelers can witness the ancient trees. They are seen in the Sossusvlei valley. The trees are around 900 years old. Lying nearby the valley is Deadvlei. This eerie marsh is a white clay pan. It is dotted with dead camel thorn trees. These contrast against the white pan floor.

Deadvlei is a haven for photographers. It offers the best photographic opportunities. One can capture red dunes against the deep blue sky. It is mesmerizing to witness the pitch-black trees and white pans together. Travelers can plan out long treks or hikes on dunes. Hot air balloon rides over Sossusvlei are highly suggested during luxury Namibia tours.

Skeleton Coast

This coast lies in northwest Namibia. It is part of the Namib desert. It is well known for its fog-covered beaches. The Skeleton Coast also has wilderness areas. The dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean here. It forms a dramatic coastline. It has ferocious seas and lifeless interiors. They strangely attract travelers from all over the world.

The coast has an interesting history behind its name. It was named after the whale bones littering its beaches. Further, broken boats are also found. Naturally, the coast is associated with stories of shipwrecks. Bones and shipwrecks can still be seen at Skeleton Coast.

Skeleton Coast is an inhospitable place. Yet, few wildlife species have adapted to their environment. Elephants and lions are found here. There are other plain animals living on the coast. The coast is home to fur cape seals as well.

The bleak coast continues to fascinate travelers. It is one of Africa’s isolated wildernesses. One can explore its rugged nature adventurously. Game drives are the most common here. Travelers can also track animals. These include elephants, lions, and hyenas. More than 200 species of birds live here. This makes birding extremely rich. Travelers can embark on scenic flights. One can also enjoy a Namibia camping safari here.


Damaraland is one of the scenic attractions. It is a historical region. Damaraland is situated in northwest Namibia. It is an underrated wildlife watching area. It was occupied by the Damaras. The region derives its name from the same ethnic group. Damaraland houses Namibia’s most impressive landscapes.

It is home to the rock formations of Spitzkoppe. Erongo and Brandberg’s rock formations are also found here. The region displays wild desert mountains. Twyfelfontein are hidden rocky clefts. It is a world heritage site. It contains prehistoric rock art.

The Brandberg is also called a ‘fire mountain’. It is the highest peak in Namibia. It has the richest collection of rock paintings. There is also a petrified forest nearby. Travelers can observe an oasis-like valley. They are enveloped by palm trees. There is another popular site here. It is called the Organ Pipes. They are geological features. They formed millions of years ago.

Damaraland is home to various unique wildlife. They have adapted to the harsh conditions. One can see endangered rhinos. Desert-adapted lion prides also reside here. Some populations of desert-adapted elephants roam the region. Various plain animals are also spotted. These include gazelle, oryx, and giraffes. Travelers can catch glimpses of the ostrich as well.

Namib-Naukluft Park

This national park is located in Western Namibia. It lies in between the Atlantic coast and the Great Escarpment. The park encompasses many significant areas. One of them is the Namib desert. The park is known for the lagoon at the sandwich harbor. It also covers the Naukluft mountain range.

The park covers a total area of 50,000 sq. km. It has wide open spaces against the towering mountains. The sunsets here are extremely gorgeous. Namib Naukfult Park is a place of charm and peace. It is made out of moonscape oasis and sand seas. Further one can also find mountains and riverbeds.

The park has a large amount of wildlife. Travelers can appreciate sightings of the black rhino. Herds of the gemsbok are seen. They are accompanied by mountain zebra and springbok. It is common to see giraffes and ostriches. Predators like hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards roam the park.

There are various attractions inside Naukluft park. Sossusvlei and Sesriem are two of them. Some parts of the park are inaccessible to humans. The park offers the ultimate desert safari. It is a great addition to luxury Namibia tours. Guests can also enjoy adventurous activities here. Quad biking is a famous activity here. Horse riding allows a new way to explore the park.Travelers can opt for hot air balloon rides. One can also enjoy hikes and scenic drives.


The Caprivi strip is also known as the Zambezi region. This region is a replica of Botswana’s Okavango delta. Both sites are on the same floodplains. They share similar rivers. Moreover, animals drift and migrate in between both countries. They follow the seasonal migration paths. Caprivi strip is one of the best places to visit during luxury Namibia tours.

If Botswana is not on your list, Namibia’s Caprivi is the perfect substitute. Travelers can enjoy water-based safaris here. They are different than desert safaris. The safaris take place within its vast wetlands and riverine forests. Caprivi has an off beaten track. It encloses dense floodplains and perennial rivers. These rivers are Zambezi, Chobe, Linyanti and Kwando. Caprivi has rich watering sources. The region is filled with flourishing wild and birdlife.

Caprivi is a haven for various animal species. Elephants are common. Hippos and crocodiles are frequently seen. They are followed by rare wild dogs and lion pride.

The region houses almost 600 bird species. It is the best place for birdwatching. The strip is also home to intimate game reserves. It is covered by tranquillity and luxury. Travelers can delight in sunset cruises and fishing excursions. Game drives and boat safaris are also available.

Namibia Camping Safari – Where to Stay

Namibia has excellent accommodation. These range from desert lodges to luxury safari lodges. Accommodation plays a huge role in luxury Namibia tours. Here are the best properties:

Ongava Lodge

Ongava is a well-established lodge. It is found on the southern borders of Etosha national park. It is built on top of a hill. The vantage point is incredible and overlooks a watering hole. It offers luxury accommodation. They come in the form of rock and thatch chalets. The lodge also has resident rhinos.

Dead Valley Lodge

This lodge is located inside Namib-Naukluft Park. It lies in between the Elim and Seriem dunes. Its tented chalets come with a panoramic view. They open to the ancient Namib desert. Guests can witness towering dunes and rugged mountains from the lodge.

Shipwreck Lodge

It is the only lodge found in Skeleton coast national park. This luxury lodge has an innovative design. It resembles the shipwrecks scattered alongside the Namibian coast. The lodge offers a great collection of activities on Skeleton Coast. Animal tracking and quad biking are some of them.

Damaraland Camp

This is a sophisticated safari camp. It is found in Damaraland national park. The camp is found in the Torra conservancy. It provides the best Namibia camping experience. The camp sits in a remote location of the park. Damaraland camp has 10 elevated thatched units. It is placed in a strategic location near Huab River. The river attracts an abundance of wildlife. A camping tour is best enjoyed at Damaraland Camp.

Visiting Namibia is a special experience altogether. Are you dreaming of a Namibia camping safari anytime soon? Contact Wild Voyager today to find out about the best luxury Namibia tours for you.


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