Stay in the finest wildlife resorts

Wildlife Resorts

A wildlife safari does not necessarily mean roughing it out in the wild. While on a safari in Africa, India or Latin America, you can stay in some of the most luxurious wildlife stays on the planet. Whether it is a tented camp or a resort, in general all such stays try to give you an experience of staying amidst wild nature while enjoying the modern day creature comforts. In a Mahali Mzuri of Masai Mara you stay in the middle a huge private conservancy (forest), in an Aman-i-khas in India you go back to the roots and relive the village life but in all modern comforts, in a Four Seasons of Serengeti you can see Elephants bathing 20 feet away from your infinity pool. These are the kind of experiences you will like to remember for a lifetime. For your next wildlife vacation, reach out to our destination experts to find the right wildlife stays for you as per your tastes and budget.