Gorilla Trekking Rwanda


Situated in the far northwest of Rwanda, the Volcanoes National Park houses the endangered mountain gorillas. With rich ecosystems ranging from evergreen and bamboo forests to open grasslands and swamps, this park is every nature lover’s paradise. The journey through the thickets of bamboo, that come alive with the calls of numerous species of colorful birds, will take you on a roller-coaster ride. The chattering of the rare golden monkey and the serenity of the atmosphere will create memories that will stay with you till eternity. The Rwanda gorilla trek provides a rare opportunity to observe the everyday interactions of the mountain gorillas. These gentle, enigmatic primates will charm you with their antics and you will be in for a splendid experience that will remain etched in your memories forever. The Rwanda gorilla trek will not only satisfy your soul but it will also refresh your mind. So, set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the lush vegetation of Rwanda to encounter mountain gorillas in the wild.

Trip Highlights
  • Enjoy the Rwanda gorilla trek and watch the antics of the mountain gorillas.
  • Drive through the Rwanda country-side
  • Learn about the work done to save injured apes on your visit to the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Centre

Day 1

The drive from Kigali to the Volcanoes National Park

Your magical journey will begin once you arrive at the Kigali International Airport. Upon your arrival, you will be guided to your accommodation located close to the Volcanoes National Park by our representative. The 2-hour drive from the airport to your accommodation will allow you to get acquainted with the beautiful surroundings.

You can relax once you reach your dwelling. You can also go out for a stroll and feast your eyes upon the magnificent surroundings.

gorilla family in volcanoes national park, rwanda

Day 2

Volcanoes National Park welcomes you

A luxurious breakfast will set you right for the day. The drive to the Volcanoes National Park HQ is a short one and you will soon embark on an epic adventure. The Rwanda gorilla trek will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Bushwhacking through thickets of bamboo, you will weave your way through the dense vegetation. This trip will surely test your physical prowess as you pull yourself up the steep slope. The journey may be arduous but every moment of it will be utterly rewarding. Upon discovering the apes, you will spend one precious hour in their company establishing a primate-to-primate connection. Watching the group playing, sulking, teasing each other, and eating will surely be an extraordinary experience for you. After this spellbinding experience of the Rwanda gorilla trek, you will make your way to the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project in Musanze. The Gorilla Doctors at this center care for orphaned and injured gorillas found in the wild or those that reside at the Senkwekwe Centre in the DRC’s Virunga National Park and a visit to this place will surely be a soul-touching one.

gorilla families in volcanoes national park, rwanda

Day 3

Depart with sweet memories

Start your day with a delectable breakfast. You will be transferred to Kigali depending on the time of your flight. The flight back home or to your next destination will be waiting for you at the Kigali International Airport. You will bid adieu to this beautiful place and depart with the memories of the Rwanda gorilla trek that will last for a lifetime.


If you want to treat yourself to an enriching experience at the Volcanoes National Park, enquire about the Rwanda gorilla trek cost now.

gorilla family in volcanoes national park, rwanda