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The Maldives located in the Indian Ocean, is a nation made of tropical islands that include 26 atoll rings, that together comprise of more than 1,000 coral islands. The Maldives is known for its beaches, extensive reefs and blue lagoons. It is the flattest and the lowest nation on the planet, with the average elevation above sea level being only 1.5 meters and the maximum elevation above sea level being 2.3 meters. The Maldives has a brimming marine life with real and false killer whales, dwarf sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, striped and spotted dolphins as well as pilot whales. You can see as many as 200 dolphins at a time in one school here. Tourists from all around the world visit Maldives to spot Whale shark, the largest fish in the world, ranging from 18 to 32 feet. The rising sea level is one of the greatest threats to the existence of this country. And hence the Maldives held the first underwater cabinet meeting in 2009 to draw media attention to this issue. It also has some of the most luxurious and exclusive island resorts for the discerning traveler. Many resorts own and cover entire islands and can provide seaplane or boat pick up and drop to the Male airport.


Holiday Ideas


Felidhu Atoll

Located about 64 km from the Capital of the Maldives, Male, Felidhu Atoll also has the easternmost point in the Maldives at the Foiytheyo Muli. Much of the far eastern parts are not inhabited and Felidhu also happens to be the administrative atoll with the least population in Maldives. Here as part of your Maldives holidays, you can visit the Ambara islands- for snorkeling, Alimatha islands- also for snorkeling, diving or fishing, Bodu Mora on Vaavu atoll- one of the most beautiful beaches in Maldives and Fotteyo Kandu for deep-sea diving.


Though located just South of the South Male Atoll, the Fulidhoo islands have been a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities thanks to the ships and sailors from Sri Lanka, Persia, India, Middle East and Africa who made it their home in the past. Today Fulidhoo is a must-visit on all Maldives vacation packages for its water sports, traditional dance and the multicultural cuisine that has evolved over centuries.


Even though much destroyed during the 2004 tsunami, Maafushi is rebuilding itself as a water-sports destination on Maldives travel itineraries. It is only 45 minutes away from Male airport by speed boat and is famous for its bikini beach (yes! The Maldives prohibits revealing swimwear for women on most of its other beaches), snorkeling among turtles, jet skiing, dolphin watching, and kitesurfing.


The capital of Maldives, this is where you start your trip to Maldives and get a glimpse into the history and architecture of Maldives. You can visit the Old Friday Mosque, the National Museum (home of the last sultan) and Sala Thai, one of the few designer restaurants in the country.


This island gives you a glimpse into the Maldives that was before conversion to Islam. Remains of Buddhist temples and ruins can be seen around these islands. Today Thoddoo is filled with farms that supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the rest of Maldives and also export outside.