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With some of the world’s highest peaks within its fold, Nepal is for adrenaline-seeking adventure maniacs. It is also for those who want peace and meditation in the lap of the stunning company of the mighty Himalayas, as much as it is for those who want to travel alone and chalk out a path of their own. Everest base camp and some other treks are revered by trekkers all over the world. Wildlife lovers adore Nepal’s natural reserves as much as the culturally inclined folks find its rich history and traditions fascinating. Nepal holidays can thus mean different things for different people but definitely, it has something for everyone and you are bound to visit again and again for its sheer capacity to offer something new every time.

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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and will be the starting point of every Nepal tour package. It has hosted people who want to explore the Himalayas from all over the world for years and years and hence is now a multi-ethnic place. It has also always been the seat of Nepal’s monarchy for centuries.

Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna range defines Nepal with its many sky-touching peaks and the number of treks available in the range with varying degrees of difficulty. A Nepal trip is incomplete without trekking through at least some part of the Annapurna circuit and can be arranged as part of your Nepal trip. High difficulty treks and mountain climbs can also be arranged as part of Nepal guided tours and you should discuss this beforehand with your tour operator.


Also known as Khowpa, you must include it in your Nepal tour travels. This town will take you through the history of Nepal from ancient times when this used to be the capital of the Malla Kingdom. The whole town looks like an architectural marvel with well-preserved palaces, temples, and shrines which made it a UNESCO world heritage site.


Called as Lalitpur in modern times, the city has been inhabited since the 3rd century BC has seen many kings and royalties through the time. It is famous for its artists and different painting styles and is a must-include in your Nepal tour if you want to see exquisite Patan and Thangka paintings being made.


Pokhara lake and the surrounding town is a haven for adventure lovers. There are many things to do here like trekking, hiking, boating, rafting, canoeing. Being adjacent to the Annapurna range it is also a great place to start your Annapurna trek.

Chitwan national park

The Himalayan subtropical forest of Chitwan National Park is the best place to see Himalayan wildlife and birds. There are more than 500 bird species here and many animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinos, jackals, jungle cats, wild dogs, mongoose, civets, striped hyenas, gaurs, sambar deers, monkeys, langurs, and many others. When you visit Nepal, you must include at least 1 day in your itinerary to visit Chitwan national park.

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