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Norway is a part of the Scandinavia peninsula and often called the land of the midnight sun. Its proximity to the Arctic North and the sharp geographic features make it a magical place for everyone who visits. The dancing Northern Lights that light up the skies are natural wonders to behold. Its fjords inspired Disney’s Frozen and its Viking past full of mysterious rituals and valiant stories have always intrigued all kinds of people.

But Norway today is not just known for its otherworldly landscapes and magnificent natural beauty. It is one of the most developed nations leading the world in gender equality, climate change control, and work-life balance. If you are on a world trip, Norway is a country that must not be missed.

Your tour of Norway will not only take you sightseeing but will let you experience this country that has been consistently ranked as the best country to live in the world.


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What To See On Your Norway Trip


The capital city of Norway, Oslo is usually the starting point for all Norway travel packages and undoubtedly the first glimpse of Norway in store for a traveler. A city that is simultaneously modern and steeped in history at the same time. It has a lot to offer in its parks, museums, art galleries, architecture, harbor, fortress, and urban activities.


Historically, a region whose only main sustenance was fishing, Lofoten has been nature’s haven for centuries providing ice-free harbors to seafarers. It has a comparatively warmer climate than other places within the Arctic Circle, thanks to the warm Gulf stream which leads to different natural beauty in different seasons. A must-include in any Norway vacation packages, it gives you a glimpse in its Vikings past through the various historical sites and museums. The variety of landscape also makes it a favorite for outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, fishing, ocean rafting, and scuba diving.


Another jewel in the Nordland of Norway, Tromso is a beautiful mix of culture and nature. All Norway tour packages usually include Tromso from September to March for the Northern Lights and in June-July for the Midnight Sun. Tromso is also called the “Gateway to the Arctic” because in the 1900s it used to be the starting point for Arctic expeditions.

But Tromso is not just about its natural beauty, it is also famous as a very modern city full of exclusive restaurants, beautiful cityscapes, and vibrant nightlife.

Svalbard Islands

The Svalbard Islands are a dream come true for any wildlife lover. Most Norway tours include Svalbard to give their travelers a look into the untouched Arctic nature in its full wildness and glory. It allows one to see up-close, Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Reindeers, Walruses, and Arctic whales.