Svalbard Classic


If you are amongst those people who want to experience what it is like to live above 80º N, then you need to take a Svalbard polar bear cruise! With stunning landscapes surrounded by bare mountains, tundra, extreme light variations, glaciers, and the world’s most amusing animal life, traveling to Svalbard is an actual Arctic fairy tale. The unending glaciers, vast open landscapes, and sparse vegetation of Svalbard will give you a plethora of nature-based experiences. Svalbard cruises 2021 will take you for an expedition to one of the most beautiful yet untouched parts of the world in search of the king of the Arctic- Polar Bear. Get on a Svalbard polar bear cruise to experience the best expedition of your life!

Trip Highlights
  • Roam around the unusual town of Svalbard
  • Explore the beautiful areas in Spitsbergen
  • Spot polar bears at Svalbard archipelago
  • Witness and explore the stunning landscapes of Isfjord
  • Get a chance to spot the Svalbard Reindeer
  • Onshore exploration with the expedition team
  • Lectures about science and culture of all the areas on your Svalbard polar bear cruise itinerary
  • Presentations providing insights about all the destinations

Day 1

Fly to Longyearbyen

Before starting your journey for your much-awaited Svalbard polar bear cruise, you will spend a day in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Apart from being a vibrant city, Oslo is full of iconic architecture, beautiful nature, exciting eateries, museums, and unique places for sightseeing. After exploring the city, you will catch your evening flight from Oslo to Longyearbyen. Upon your arrival at Svalbard, you will be transferred to your hotel. Being a tiny town located on the edge of the boundless Arctic tundra, Svalbard is a world of its own. After a smooth check-in, you can relax overnight at your hotel.

Day 2

Embarkation on your cruise

After relaxing overnight, have your lunch and head out to explore the stunning town of Longyearben. With the Arctic Wilderness dominating life, Svalbard is full of unique places, majestic landscapes, and untouched places. The incredible scenery and the spectacular wildlife makes the northernmost point in the world, a must-visit place. After exploring the town, you will board on your Svalbard polar bear cruise in the afternoon.

snow capped mountain behind colorful houses in longyearbyen, svalbard, norway

Days 3 - 5

Explore the North West Spitsbergen National Park

Scattered with fjords, beaches, and lovely islands, you will explore the history of Svalbard in the North West Corner. If the weather conditions are alright, then you will visit the Kongsfjorden, which is also known as one of the most spectacular places in Spitsbergen. Kongsfjorden is full of majestic glaciers that calve the beautiful icebergs into the sea and are surrounded by striking mountain formations. You may visit the international center for research, formerly a mining settlement known as Ny-Ålesund. Ny-Ålesund offers a pleasant mix of new and old buildings. You will get some astonishing opportunities for scenic kayaking and thrilling landings after going more towards the north.

isfjord radio station during winter season in svalbard, norway

Days 6 - 8

Explore the Eastern Svalbard Nature Reserve

Boasting the highest population of Polar Bears on the archipelago, you will have a lot of chances of spotting polar bears in Eastern Svalbard. Since the ocean is full of drifting ice and the constantly changing landscapes, the captain will figure out whether to land safely or keep sailing. With an aim to cross 80º N and then sailing towards the extreme of Svalbard archipelago- Sjuøyane, you may also sail towards the east of Nordaustlandet- Kvitøya, before continuing towards the third-largest island in the Svalbard archipelago -Edgeøya.

lights lit up in residential area between snow covered hill at dusk in svalbard, norway

Days 9 - 10

Travel to South Spitsbergen National Park and Bellsund area

On the ninth and tenth day of your Svalbard polar bear cruise, you will sail towards the southern cape and the southernmost tip of Spitsbergen. Hosting a variety of landscapes and extensive geology, Hornsund is a stunning fjord for you to explore. Since the fjord welcomes ice early in the season, it attracts a lot of polar bears that hunt on the floes. While exploring the fjord, you might get lucky and get a chance to spot the polar bears.

polar arctic northern lights about to appear near moon mountains in svalbard, norway

Day 11

Immerse yourself in the beauty of The Isfjord

You will spend your day exploring the beauty of Isfjord, which is also the most notable fjord system on Svalbard. The landscape in the innermost parts of Isfjorden is known to change constantly. The area is covered with giant U-shaped valleys that look like they have been carved out of the majestic mountains and surrounded by the giant glaciers. Housing a large population of Svalbard reindeer, you will get an opportunity to spot these beautiful animals at Isfjord.

Day 12

Disembarkation & End of the Tour

You will mark an end to your journey after returning to Longyearbyen. After disembarkation, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight so that you can go back home with all the memories of traveling around the Geographical North Pole.