Svalbard Highlights


If you want to feel like you are on top of the world, then you need to visit Spitsbergen (Svalbard). A Spitsbergen cruise will take you along the broad snowy landscapes of this gorgeous part of the Svalbard archipelago. Lying in the northern part of Norway, Spitsbergen is an Arctic dream. On your Spitsbergen cruise, you will explore the rich wildlife, old mining towns, and arctic nature found on the various islands full of the stark and uncanny beauty of their own. Apart from the scenic beauty, you may also get the opportunity to spot the majestic Polar Bear – the king of the Arctic, on your Spitsbergen cruise! Cruise along the Arctic and experience something you might not experience for the rest of your life!

Trip Highlights
  • Observe the stunning scenic beauty of the Arctic with Longyearbyen cruise
  • Explore the Arctic wilderness by crossing 80° N
  • Get a chance to experience the Midnight sun
  • Witness the glory of Polar Bears on your polar bear cruise
  • Trek to different parts of the Svalbard archipelago
  • Get in-depth lectures on science, history, etc. of all the places you will visit
  • Dine and interact with the officers and expedition team

Day 1

Spend your day at Longyearbyen

On the first day, you will spend the whole day exploring the stunning Longyearbyen. You are free to explore the pubs, art galleries, restaurants, etc. You will also get to spot the parts of mining heritage everywhere inside this town. Your stay will be at an excellent hotel offering all kinds of facilities to you. You can rest and spend your night at your hotel.

Day 2


After having a delicious breakfast at your hotel, you will join a guided tour to visit the iconic Camp Barentz and Svalbard Museum. The tour will give you insights into the history and culture of Svalbard. After your guided tour is over, you will embark upon your Spitsbergen cruise and sail towards the Isfjord and then to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg. After reaching, you can explore the unique Russian architecture and artifacts. You also get the opportunity to join a folklore show or you can enjoy the actual Russian atmosphere at a local pub.

snow capped hills near magdalene fjord in svalbard, norway

Day 3


On the third day, you will explore the Arctic Wilderness at Magdalenefjord & the North West Corner. Being rich with islands, beaches, and lots of heritage, it is one of the most scenic places you will visit on your Spitsbergen cruise. The area has a graveyard from the 16th century and a whaling station. If the weather conditions are fine, you will land here and explore the wilderness of the area. You might also get to spot the handsome polar bears, seals, and whales.

snow capped hill under clear sky in ny alesund city in svalbard, norway

Day 4

Explore Magdalenefjord & the North West Corner

After sailing north, you will reach the magnificent North West Spitsbergen National Park. The national park has a lovely terrain, and it also houses the Jotunkjeldane thermal springs and the fast-moving Monaco glacier. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to spot the Polar Bear- the king of the Arctic. Usually, the Polar Bears come to the park in search of the bird eggs. Apart from Polar Bear, you may also get a chance to spot various whales and seals. If the weather is favorable, the captain will sail you past 80° North of the Arctic.

broken small icebergs on kongsfjorden or kings bay inlet in svalbard, norway

Day 5

Chance to spot Polar Bears at the North West Spitsbergen National Park

On your fifth day, you will explore Kongsfjorden. Being the largest fjord in Spitsbergen's northwest coast, it is home to the grand Kongsbreen glacier. After exploring Kongsfjorden, you will dock at Ny-Ålesund. Ny-Ålesund is situated at 78º 55’ N, and it is one of the northernmost all-year communities of the world. In recent times, it has become an advanced High Arctic research station for researchers.

scenic view with hils and river in longyearbyen town svalbard, norway

Day 6

Explore Kongsfjorden & Ny-Ãlesund

On the last day, you will disembark from your Spitsbergen cruise at Longyearbyen. You will be transferred back to the airport from where you can fly back home with all the memories of your Arctic dream tour!