Norway Northern Lights	Norway Northern Lights	 tour

Norway Northern Lights


The Norway Northern lights tour is a life changing experience, to say the least. Regardless of the fact whether one likes the winter season or one does not, the view of Norwegian lights in the countryside with snow all around cannot be overhauled by any other. This tour is like a rejuvenation for the soul.

Trip Highlights

  • Get mesmerized by the spellbinding Norwegian lights.
  • Taste the authentic seafood in Henningsvaer’s fishing village.
  • Relish the thrilling sea eagle safari tour.
  • Experience the magic called Lofoten islands
  • Explore the northern city of Tromso
  • Have fun sledding on reindeer.
  • Go whale watching at Skjervoy.
  • Gape at the Lyngen Alps covered with snow blankets.


Day 1

Arrive in Norway

As you land in Norway, go straight to your hotel or resort to spruce up. A long journey can be exhausting and cause jet lag. Get some sleep to eliminate jet lag. Sleeping will also boast back the energy. Go to a nearby cafe or a restaurant to get a meal. Chat with the locals there. This way, you will be fresh for the tour ahead and a little familiar with the customs of Norway.

Day 2

Visit Henningsvaer’s Fishing Village

Start your day by either taking a dip in the ocean or a sauna. Grab breakfast and leave for Henningsvaer's fishing village. Here, the guests get a tour of the old COD liver oil factory. The guides tell the tourists about its importance to the economy. However, the best of this tour for the visitors is getting to try the authentic Norwegian food. You can explore the local markets before driving back.

Day 3

Sea Eagle Safari Tour

Take breakfast and get going for the Sea Eagle Safari tour. The tour takes roughly 3 hours. It is perfect for the adventure seekers for the speed of the boat is very high. Get some rest at the hotel after the tour because the next head out is after dinner. Hire a tour guide who takes tourists to the places in the town where there are possibilities of seeing the Norwegian lights. Keep in mind that the result of this head out may be futile as the lights are conditional on weather.

Day 4

Drive to Lofoten’s Coastal Towns

The drive is from Lofoten to Reine. It is like a short road trip to explore the beaches and to possibly surf under the Norwegian lights. There are three stops Unstad, Haukland, and Nusfjord; all three are beaches. These beaches are beautiful and are a must-visit. The last stop is the closest to Reine. You can either head to Reine and spend the night there or return.

Day 5

Explore Tromso

Pack your stuff and leave for Svolvaer. From Svolvaer, you need to catch a flight to Tromso. Book a hotel for one day if you didn't already book one. Leave your belongings there. Go out and explore Tromso, its restaurants, its markets, etc. It is a beautiful town. The chances of seeing the Norwegian lights on this Norway Northern lights tour are quite high in this town.

Day 6

Go Reindeer Sledding

Move out from the hotel in Tromso and go to the Sami camp, called lavvu. The Sami people pets reindeer to earn their livelihood. Enjoy sledding on the reindeer here. The Sami culture is Norway’s oldest. Hence, it is fascinating to learn about it. Staying at lavvu is fun. They serve hot drinks to keep you warm. Go back to the hotel by night. If you sit by the window of your room, you may see the Norwegian lights.

Day 7

Admire the Scenic Beauty

Go to Malangen, a county in Norway. Here, you can book a dog sledding for yourself to take the tour. It will take you to the peaceful countryside. The snow there is shiny, and it is one of the most beautiful sceneries your eyes will see. If you did not have the chance to see the lights yet, book another tour here. Spend the night in Melagan as it will be late by the time you see the lights.

Day 8

Get the Best View of Norwegian Lights

Get breakfast; go back to Tromso. At Tromso, you can go shopping because it has good markets. You need to book the Wild Sea Adventure so they can pick you up in the evening. They pick you up in a car and then put you in a boat. The boat drops the visitors on an island. This island has lavvu where you can spend the night. This island will give you the best view of the lights in your entire Norway Northern lights tour. On the plus side, it is free, no guides are required here.

Day 9

Watch Whales & the Lyngen Alps

Go to the main tent to eat breakfast. The Wild Sea Adventure people will then take you to Skjervoy. On this tour, you can watch the whales and learn about them. On the way back to Tromso, the Lyngen Alps will accompany you. The entire route will keep you hooked. Spend your final night of Norway in the hotel.

Day 10

Last Day of Norway Northern Lights Tour

Give yourself some luxury on this last day of your Norway Northern lights tour. Start your day with breakfast and a relaxing spa. Pack your belongings carefully and check out from the hotel. Go to the airport as per your flight time to catch the flight home. With this, your 10 day adventure ends.