Winter tours to Hokkaido Hokkaido winter wildlife tours



Japan is famous for a lot of things, like the heritage city of Tokyo, Cherry Blossom, its cuisine amongst others. What many do not know is that Japan is also home to many rare and exotic natural treasures and wildlife. Come winters, and the northern island of Hokkaido is brimming with birds and wildlife. Notable amongst them is the famous Red Crowned Crane, which famously does its displays on the white snow, then the town of Rausu is famous for its Eagles roosting on drift ice. You can see Whooper Swans in the lake Kushiro. Hokkaido is also home to the blakiston’s fish owl, which is the largest Owl in the world. Red foxes are to be found everywhere in Hokkaido, as are the Sika deers. Down south near the town of Nagano, Japan is also famous for its snow monkeys bathing in hot springs. Together all these make up for a memorable winter wildlife experience in Japan.

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