Scandinavia Northern Lights Highlights


Ever heard of violet, green, or even a pink sky? It’s time you see it for real! Embark on an enchanted journey to Scandinavia to witness the magical natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Most abundant in high latitude climates, the northern lights are easily visible in Finland, Sweden, and Norway making them an Aurora hotspot. The surrounding picturesque landscapes add up to the best view of the Northern lights show. A stunning display of colors playing across the dark skies in swirls of green, pink, purple, yellow, and blue is something you can’t miss on your Scandinavian tour. Observe the vibrant skylights from the Aurora Sky Station at Abisko and get spellbound with the most memorable experience of your lifetime!

Trip Highlights
  • Getting a chance to have a lifetime experience of Northern Lights.
  • Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland.
  • Get awed by the chair-lift ride to Aurora Sky Station.
  • Visit the beautiful Jukkasjärvi, the oldest church in Swedish Lapland.
  • Exploring the world’s first Ice Hotel at Kiruna, Sweden.
  • Witness the Aurora Borealis Sweden on the Cruise to Tromso.

Day 1

Say hello to the beautiful Helsinki

Start your Lapland Finland northern lights tour from Helsinki Vantaa airport. Once you have arrived at Helsinki, our representative will guide you through the airport formalities and proceed to the surprisingly beautiful Helsinki city to spend the night witnessing the dance of the Lapland Finland Northern Lights.

northern lights in front of aurora sky station in abisko, sweden

Day 2

Flying from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (2 Nights)

Explore around Helsinki City, visiting the Modern Finlandia Hall located in the center of Helsinki which is a dynamic, multipurpose venue, the City Hall- a Central administrative building of Helsinki, the Parliament House- the official location of the governing body of Finland, the Presidential Palace- the official residence of the President which is used primarily for presidential functions and receptions today, the Monumental railroad station which is one of the most visited sites with over two hundred thousand passengers passing every day through this place.


Visit the Lutheran Cathedral known as the symbol of Helsinki, the Olympic Stadium, where Olympic Games were held here in 1952 and today it hosts both national and international sporting events and outdoor concerts, the Sibelius monument- an abstract monument consisting of over 600 steel pipes dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, the Market Square- the most famous shopping location for both locals and visitors, has been a centre of trade for hundreds of years hosting some of Finland’s most well-known events even today. In the evening, you will be flying to Rovaniemi – an urban oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness, where the spellbinding Lapland Finland Northern Lights show can be witnessed in and around the city.

Day 3

Exploring Rovaniemi

Roam around the official home town of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi. On your city tour, visit the Lappia House, Library and Town Hall – the most famous of architect Alvar Aalto’s works in Lapland. In 1966, the City Library was the first building to be completed followed by the Lappia House, functioning as a theatre and congress hall, in 1975 and the Town Hall was finished after Aalto’s death, in 1988. These three buildings together form a spacious plaza and highlight the individuality and purpose of each building. Later, you get to see the Arctic Center- Finland’s national institute for Arctic expertise. Enter the incomparable unspoiled Lapland after crossing the Arctic Circle (66°31'N) to take a stop to meet Father Christmas himself at the Santa Claus Village. Later get some rest and catch the magical glimpse of the Lapland Finland Northern Lights at night in the clear and dark skies of the city.

transparent gate in fully snow covered icehotel in jukkasjärvi, sweden

Day 4

Rovaniemi – Kiruna

Get ready for a long scenic journey to Kiruna – a small mining town in Swedish Lapland. End your day with Kiruna's crispy coldness that often sees clear, starry skies offering the most breathtaking Sweden Aurora Borealis, a Latin name for Northern Lights.

Day 5

Journey from Kiruna to Narvik

Dive in the beauty of Kiruna town starting from the oldest preserved Jukkasjärvi church, known for its altar painting inspired by the Sami culture. Later, get a chance to witness the world’s first Ice Hotel and the famous `Absolut Ice Bar'. The Ice hotel is reincarnated every year with a brand new art to experience. Proceed to Narvik in the afternoon which is an ideal winter holiday destination and offers some fascinating Arctic experiences. The exceptionally clear sky over the Narvik region gives perfect conditions for observing the Aurora Borealis Sweden, making the city one of the best places to start your Northern Lights adventure with. Visit Narvik Cable car station in the evening taking a beautiful cable car ride. Enjoy a guided tour to witness the strikingly beautiful Northern Lights.

dry trees in front of snow covered jukkasjärvi church, sweden

Day 6

On your way to Harstad from Narvik

Enjoy a picturesque journey to Harstad - the cultural capital and the gourmet city of the north, a region with rugged mountain peaks, fine white beaches, hidden tranquil coves, culinary brilliance, genuine shops, music festivals, and an untouched archipelago. The northern lights and midnight sun in Harstad will guarantee you an unforgettable stay here.

Day 7

Cruising from Harstad to Tromso

Board a Cruise from Harstad to Tromso, a cultural hub above the Arctic Circle which balances nature and culture together. Proceed to Risvika to experience the phenomenal magical Aurora Borealis Sweden in different shades. The colors most often associated with the Northern Lights are luminous green, a hint of pink along with the edge, yellow, blue, a magnificent deep violet, and occasionally orange and white. A Reindeer sledding ride will be waiting for you on your arrival and later you will be leaving for the northern part of Kvaloya, getting plentiful of amazing chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Dive in the rich Sami Culture and lifestyle through a guided tour and experience the Sami camp which is something to cherish forever.

reflection of northern lights on a waterbody in narvik, norway

Day 8

Experiencing Tromso

Visit Polaria on your Tromso city tour which is an Arctic experience center where you can witness bearded seals at close range, feed them and have fun watching a panoramic cinema. Later, go to the Tromso University Museum to look at the insides of the oldest scientific institution in Northern-Norway, and the Polar Museum, a Gateway to the Arctic where we discover existing stories of sea mammal hunting, risky arctic trapping and get acquainted with the courageous Polar explorers. End your day with a guided tour to experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis Sweden.

Day 9

Departure from Tromso

It's time to say your goodbyes and proceed to Tromso Airport as per the departure time of the scheduled group flight. Complete the Airport formalities and travel back to your home destination with a bagful of memories.

colorful lights on santa claus office in santa claus village rovaniemi, finland


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