Sweden Northern lights Adventure


When we dream of the greatest wonders of nature, the one that comes to mind is the northern lights. The shimmery, unnatural lights in the sky, painting the world in shades of greens and blue that are so beautiful that you are left mesmerized at the utter beauty and wonder of them. In every adventurer’s bucket list, watching and chasing the northern lights in the vast expanses of snow would surely be included. And no, you do not have to go to the Arctic to experience this marvel of nature. With this tour, you will be left spellbound every night when you watch the Sweden northern lights in all their splendor. Explore the wonderful Scandinavian country in the day time and spend the nights getting starry-eyed by watching the famous Sweden northern lights.

Trip Highlights
  • Chase the Sweden northern lights
  • Explore the winter forest on snowmobiles
  • Go for ice fishing
  • Let the huskies lead your safari
  • Walk-in snowshoes in search of the aurora

Day 1

Watching the Sweden Northern Lights on a Snowmobile

As you arrive, rest a little for the night is going to be spent on a chase. Based on the weather conditions, you will be led to experience your first aurora of this Sweden Northern Lights Tour on a sleigh led by snowmobiles. Spend your first day amidst the mystic wilderness of Lapland in hopes of catching the magnificent view of the Sweden Northern Lights.

Day 2

Wind down with the serene experience of Ice fishing

Test your patience and spend the morning of your second day of Sweden Northern Lights tour, ice fishing. Enjoy the calm landscape as you wind down atop the frozen waters. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the time for your leisure or choose to go for a husky safari. The experience of letting a dog lead your way while dog sledding is exhilarating. At night, train your eyes to the sky just in case you spot the aurora.

aurora borealis expedition on snowmobile in sweden

Day 3

Explore the Wilderness

Enjoy the wondrous scenery of the forest around Lulea Archipelago and explore the wilderness that will surely remind you of the movie Frozen! The trees passing by as you travel on snowmobiles will fill you with adrenaline.

At night, tighten your snowshoes as we set out to catch the beautiful Sweden Northern Lights deep into the woods. Enjoy the dinner besides the campfire as you watch the skies for the hues of green and blue.

Day 4

Leisure day

Enjoy your day at your leisure by exploring the areas and their cuisines. You can try the traditional courses of meals and appreciate the frozen beauty of the place.

inside of ice hotel in jukkasjärvi, sweden

Day 5

Abisko: Where the best view of Northern lights reside

The next day, we will travel to Abisko, the place that is famous for its wondrous aurora views and the best place in Sweden to see Northern light. You do not have to venture anywhere, just turn your head up to the sky and if the weather conditions are favorable, you will surely be rewarded with the magnificent view of the northern lights.

Day 6

Go for Husky safari

After a briefing, you will be given the reins of your sled so that you can completely enjoy the exhilarating experience of Husky safari. One cannot help but shout in exclamation as the surroundings whoosh by and the huskies speed up your sled.

At night, we will again venture into the terrain surrounding Abisko in snowshoes to catch the sight of Sweden Northern Lights. If the weather conditions are good, you won't have to walk far.

northern lights above a husky ride at night in sweden

Day 7

Capture the Sweden Northern Lights for a lifelong memory

Spend the day as you wish. Explore the city, eat at restaurants that offer the traditional taste, take a stroll or just lie down and rest!

In the night, we will again explore the black skies for the aurora. One cannot possibly forget the spellbinding sight of an aurora in their lifetime, but still, a picture is a must to capture the beauty of the Sweden Northern Lights in all their glory. You will be provided with night time camera equipment for the best photography experience.

Day 8


The last day of the Sweden Northern Lights tour will be spent in the renowned ICEHOTEL. The building is built by ice and is decorated by ice sculptures and carvings that can take anyone's breath away, and no, not because of the cold, but because of the sheer beauty of the place.

You can spend the rest of the day as you wish and rest a little.

northern lights across a starry night in sweden

Day 9


The next day, you will depart for your next destination with the memories of the splendid experience of the northern lights.