Laplands Luxury Aurora Tour


If your idea of a tour includes witnessing something majestic and reveling in nature’s excellence, then this luxury tour which promises a fantastical introduction of some of nature’s finest offerings is made just for you. Days pumped with adrenaline and nights filled with invigorating campfires awaits you on this magical tour of the Swedish and Finnish Laplands. Get a chance to see the mighty northern lights and decide for yourself if it’s truly as magical as seen in the images. Stay in the most exotic of hotels, some of which are made from Ice and look like igloos, some have glass top on room to see Northern lights from the room. Not only that, daily excursions involving Huskies, snowmobiles, campfires, igloos, and much more are also lined up just for you. So don’t just sit around and let your wanderlust be caged inside your mind, let it roam free just like you!

Trip Highlights
  • Witnessing the Northern Lights from the comfort of your hotel room
  • Visiting the Santa Claus village and experiencing the thrill of riding a reindeer sled
  • Getting to know the insides of the famous Ice Hotel and Ice hotel 365
  • Living inside a beautiful glass igloo lapland
  • Taking the adrenaline pumping Husky ride
  • Riding the Snowmobile in the snow-clad landscape
  • Getting acquainted with the local culture of the Sami people

Day 1

Start of Something Special at the Arctic Snow Hotel

The first day of the adventure begins as you land at Rovaniemi airport. Make yourself comfortable at the Arctic Snow Hotel, with a hearty breakfast, and get clobbered up for an exciting Husky ride. A 30-minute showcase of the real Arctic forests and super friendly Huskies, the husky ride will leave you yearning for more.


Your place of stay will be the Arctic Snow Hotel, the description of which won't coincide with the conventional perception of hotels in your mind as this beautiful hotel is completely made up of Ice, yes you heard that right! With ice bedrooms, an ice restaurant, chapel, and an ice bar, the Arctic Snow Hotel is the perfect place for the raging adrenaline junkie inside you.

Day 2

Doing the Christmas Special

Day 2 is about getting to experience childhood fables in real life. Start the day with a guided snowmobile excursion to a reindeer farm and get in touch with the culture of Laplands native Sami people. Learn more about these awe-inspiring reindeers through a short sled ride guided by reindeers and get a taste of how fast these animals can run. Along with that, you'll also get a chance to participate in a special ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle.


While the morning will be about the reindeers, the afternoon will be all about the big man himself. Take a ride to the Santa Claus village and get a chance to see him at work. You can indulge in souvenir shopping or send postcards from Santa's main Post office and have lunch at one of the many cozy restaurants. Return to your hotel in the evening and spend the remaining day at your leisure.

lights lit up at santa claus office in santa claus village in rovaniemi, finland

Days 3 - 4

Igloos and Fun

The drive from Rovaniemi to Saariselkä marks the beginning of Day 3. This 3-hour drive serves you the visually appealing landscape of the Arctic wilderness which is lined by a zillion pine trees covered with snow and cozy little cottages. The drive ends at Kakslauttanen arctic resort, which is a huge property divided into east and west with an equal number of spectacular igloos and receptions on each side. Step inside an Igloo and live up all your icy wishes.


The Kakslauttanen arctic resort, located in the Saariselkä Fell region of Lapland island, is an exciting escape amidst the surrounding natural beauty. Famous for its glass igloo northern lights and wood chalets, this resort is a must-visit for every tourist. It also has the world's largest smoke sauna to drown all your tiredness and give you a relaxing experience. Enjoy your stay in the aesthetic thermal glass igloos which features a bedroom along with a glass roof and luxury beds, just for your comfort. Some of the igloo have bathrooms with a sauna or shared shower facilities. Free Wifi and Parking are also available to make your stay more pleasant.

dancers ice scluptures inside the suite in icehotel, sweden

Day 5

Reaching the Ice Hotel Sweden

The morning of day 5 begins with a leisurely drive to through the picturesque Laplands islands to the Icehotel Sweden. This 6-hour drive is bound to impress you as you'll come across some of the most pristine snow landscapes and sceneries. After you've bundled up after reaching get ready for a snowmobile excursion into the wild to experience the majestic northern lights. End the day with a traditional dinner of local food in a wooden hut around a fireplace and head back to Koruna.


The Ice Hotel Sweden is a wonder as it is made up entirely out of snow blocks and ice from the Torne river, right down to the glasses in the bar. The ice bar designs, ice glasses, Ice sculpting events, and product launches all around the world are made possible from the 900 tonnes of ice while the strong structure of the hotel is made from 27,000 tons of snow which is harvested in March from the frozen Torne River.

polar lights above glass igloo in kakslauttanen arctic resort, finland

Day 6

The Day of the Grand Tour

Start your day with dog sledding lessons and at the end of it drive your sled with a dedicated team of Huskies over the beautiful snowy trails, through the woods, and over the plains. After a fulfilling ride, enjoy some coffee with a light lunch in front of a campfire.


The remainder of the day is reserved for you to witness the highlight of the holiday: the Ice hotel and Ice hotel 365. Take a guided tour and learn about the unique concept of the hotel and its construction. You'll also get handy tips from the hotel staff about how to make yourself comfortable in the Ice Hotel as the temperature inside the original Ice Hotel or the new solar-powered Ice hotel 365 is kept around -5°C (21°F). But you have nothing to worry about, as you'll be provided with thermal sleeping bags and soft reindeer skins to sleep upon to make your stay exciting and one to remember for ages.

woman with husky family dog sled in winter at rovaniemi, finland

Day 7


Bid adieu to this natural paradise, and prepare to return home with loads of beautiful memories. Have a hearty breakfast and drive down to the Kiruna airport from where you will be taken to your onward flight.