10 reasons to opt for forest vacations

10 reasons to opt for forest vacations

The current pandemic has interfered greatly with people’s travel plans. Although the tourism sector is slowly resuming, there are safety concerns still in question. Moreover, people are desperate to travel but are unable to do so as destinations remain closed.

However, not all is lost. In these tough times, there is one vacation itinerary that proves to be perfect for everyone. Forest trips are all deemed to be the perfect plan for people to undertake. It provides an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in a tranquil setting.

A forest of south india

A forest of south India

Besides, the interrupted nature provides relaxing and mesmerising views of the wilderness. Spotting an animal or a bird in the wild is thrilling. Not to forget that a jungle vacation can be enjoyed all year round, be it summer or winter.

Taking a trip to the forest is nothing short of an immersive experience. You enjoy travelling without worrying about crowds or a large number of tourists in nature. 


Here are 10 reasons why you must plan a forest vacation as soon as possible:


1. Distantly located lodges

One of the best aspects of visiting a forest is that the lodges are located in isolation. These areas are not affected by the pandemic as compared to cities and towns. Moreover, there is a natural social distancing norm where lodges are in a deeply forested area not frequented by people.

Tents of Olgatuni camp in Massi Mara

Tents of Olgatuni camp in Massi Mara

Instead of feeling concerned about tourist groups in enclosed spaces, you can experience openness and freely enjoy your vacation.


2. A break from technology

As the work-from-home culture largely depends on technology, it has impacted the physical and mental lives of many. Constantly looking at screens has negatively affected our well-being. A trip to the forest acts as a digital detox that offers much-needed rest for your overall health.

walk in nature

The vacation provides ample opportunities to connect with nature and disconnect from the outside world. Staying in the middle of the forest allows for a welcoming break surrounded by a serene atmosphere.


3. A pleasant retreat

Everyone dreams of getting away from their hectic city lives and resting in a peaceful place. It is none other than forest destinations that are tranquil havens flourishing with nature and filled with a variety of wild animals and chirpy birds.

pleasant view

Forests also let us reconnect with nature, which is hardly possible when living in cities. Surrounded by a thriving natural landscape, the beautiful scenery never fails to bring calm to the mind.


4. A healing holiday

It is reported that living in a natural setting and breathing in ample amounts of fresh air helps lower our stress levels, blood sugar, heart rate, and blood pressure. There is no denying the fact that forests help us revitalise and contribute to our good health. Besides, spending time in nature lowers the risk of anxiety and depression.

solo vacation

solo vacation

Jungles also help in cases where a person experiencing a tough situation can receive healing. Additionally, forest vacations are ideal for taking breaks and leading a healthy life.


5. Learning from the natural dwellers

Nature always teaches humans about their origins and offers life-changing lessons. During a forest vacation, you will automatically be intrigued and interested in nature. The flora, fauna, and wildlife in a jungle provide a deeper understanding of the natural world.

roe deer in forest

roe deer in forest

Although books, pictures, and documentaries teach us things about nature, nothing comes close to learning about it in real life. You can observe and comprehend the complex ecological balance that keeps us and our earth alive. Spending time in the wilderness only makes us more sensitive to nature and imbibe essential principles from it.


6. Explore at your own pace

There is no rush when it comes to forest trips. You can enjoy your vacation however you would like. 

There are endless options that a forest trip offers. If you’d like to get some physical activity, what’s better than trekking and going on safaris.? And if you are someone who wants to relax completely, you can always loosen up in your lodge. You can also experience the best of both worlds and customize your holiday accordingly.


7. Gain extensive knowledge

A vacation in a forest is no less than an educational excursion. There is always something new to learn about the different species of birds, plants, animals, trees, and marine life. It is especially useful for curious minds and children, who can treat the vacation as a learning process.

Not only does the trip turn exciting, but it also helps you gain crucial information about nature.


8. Make nature your muse

People or artists looking for inspiration in any of the creative spheres, such as writing, painting, photographing, music, and others can always rely on nature. Spending time in the quiet and beautiful natural beauty and amongst the wilderness invokes deep and inner thoughts.

The amount of time spent with nature brings out creativity in any form. A simple experience in the wild can make its way into art or even let you come out of a creative rut.


9. Spot animals in the natural habitat

Instead of seeing animals in enclosed spaces and zoos, one of the best ways to spot them is in the open. Furthermore, the experience of observing wild animals such as big cats, elephants, antelopes, and giraffes in their natural habitat is special.

Tiger in a forest

Tiger in a forest

One also gets a chance to be as close to them as possible without disturbing or scaring off the animal. Forests are also the best places to view a wide variety of colourful birds and learn more about them.


10. Great way to bond

Taking a trip to the forest is not limited by any means. Families, friends, couples, and even solo travellers benefit from jungle holidays.

Great way to bond

Great way to bond

Additionally, you can also bond and connect with nature while reminding yourself that you are an important part of it.

Travel lists are always full of popular beaches and iconic cities. But a trip amidst nature remains precious, helps us learn, and stays unforgettable for a long time.


Considering the current times, these ten reasons are enough to make you dream about forest vacations. Not only are they safe, but forests can also refresh us and help rejuvenate our souls.


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