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Uganda called the Republic of Uganda is a country situated in East Africa and surrounded by Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Its southern regions include areas of the Lake Victoria, shared with Tanzania and Kenya and it also lies within the Nile Basin.

Although Uganda is landlocked, it is blessed with many lakes and rivers, especially in the southern area where the world's biggest lake, Lake Victoria borders the country. Most of the important cities, including the capital Kampala, are situated in the southern region of the country.

Uganda has a history of political and social upheavals that have largely been the talking point of the nation. Many development indexes too do not look too pretty in Uganda, however, naturally as well as in wildlife circles, Uganda is known for its varied biodiversity, fantastic wildlife and some stunning landscapes. The Mountain gorilla, however, remains its main wildlife attraction and pulls wildlife enthusiast and conservationists from across the globe. With ten national parks under its belt, Uganda is definitely for those seeking to view rich biodiversity in its ultimate natural habitat.


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