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Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison National Park, the oldest and largest reserve of Uganda, is a place filled with vast grasslands and wildlife roaming the grounds in all their splendor. The Park was named after the president of the British Geographical Society in 1864, Sir Roderick Murchison, and is famous for the savanna land that is bisected by River Nile. The river of the desert gives this land the life support system. It falls from a height of 40 meters with a roaring sound that can be heard from miles away. The wildlife around the river is so diverse and colorful that the tourists cannot help but widen their eyes in awe and wonder at them. The clear, flat grasslands can be seen dotted with zebras, giraffes, monkeys, lions, buffaloes, and many, many more.

Visit the Murchison National Park to not only experience one of the best game watching in Africa but also to enjoy the stunning Murchison Falls that drops down straight into the Devil’s Cauldron. The enormity of the Murchison falls can spellbind anyone.


Location: Uganda

Nearest airport: Pakuba airfield; international airport is in Entebbe

How to reach: by road from Kampala/Entebbe or chartered flights

Famous for: Murchinson waterfall, Shoebill stork, scenic beauty

Best time to Visit: December to February; June to August


Murchinson Falls, Hiking to the top of the falls, River Nile – launch cruise along the River Nile

Nile – Lake Alberta delta

Game drives on Buligi game tracts

Bird watching,

Paraa, Karuma Falls

Kaniyo Pabidi forest, Rabongo Forest

Stopover visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


Murchison Falls: Witness the spectacular Nile River, get squeezed into an 8-meter gorge, and then plunge to the hole known as Devil’s Cauldron. The sound of the Murchison Falls, the sheer beauty that this simple act of falling possesses will make you appreciate the gifts of nature more closely.

Hiking to the top of the fall:Would you believe that you can climb to the top of the thunderous Murchison Falls? Well, it is possible. One can hike to the top of the Murchison falls by one of the available hiking trails, with the help of a guide. The climb is a little tiresome but the fruit of that hard work is so worth it! The view at the top of the Falls will let you glimpse at the entirety of Murchison National Park. It will also give you a different perspective to watch The Devil’s Cauldron and the Nile.

River Nile: launch cruise along Nile river: With almost all tour itineraries for Murchison National Park Safari, a cruise along the Nile river is always included. Why? Because it is so majestic that it is highly popular among tourists. The cruise will take you through the Nile river, covering most of the Murchison National Park. During the cruise, one can see massive hippos, elusive crocodiles, waterbucks, and various other species of birds that will fill your cruise with colors and wonders.


Nile- Lake Albert Delta:For the bird watchers, there is a paradise on earth and that is the Lake Alberta Delta. A prominent tourist spot during the Murchison National Park Safari, the delta is formed at the place where the Nile River flows into Lake Albert. The place, with its swamps, attracts an array of birds. Glimpse the unique yellow-footed kingfisher, goliath herons, great egret, and other such birds that are hard to find anywhere else.

Game drives on Bulgi game tracts:Further south the Murchison Falls, between the Victoria and Albert Niles lies the great grasslands that are abode to an extensive number of animals. This makes the region one of the most famous places among tourists. The Bulgin game tracts are situated at a place in which the wildlife and game of the park frequent the most. With proper timing and immense patience, anyone can get a glance at the varied wildlife of the Murchison National Park.

Bird watching: With the river Nile, Victoria, and the great Lake Albert, the Murchison National Park is gifted with water bodies that are ample to attract birds of different species. The park is home to the rare Shoebill and various other birds that are a treat to the eyes of any bird enthusiast in the world.


Paraa: The epicenter of activity and movement in the Murchison National Park, Paraa is where you will find your retreat. The place, which means home of the hippos in the regional language is where accommodations for the tourists are located. You can also find a museum and a gift shop to get your souvenirs from at Paraa.


Karuma Falls: Further north, the tourists will reach the Chobe National Park, and in it, is the milk-white Karuma Falls. Victoria Niles falls through the rocks, thus making the water look white. The misty environment of the falls will make you fall in love with the place. Spend some quality time fishing here with the rhythmic sounds of falls calming your mind.


Kaniyo Pabidi Forest:The untamed forest of Kaniyo Pabidi will provide you with such views that will surely blow your mind. The forest is adorned with treats for a sight such as blue monkeys, black and white colobus, elephants, baboons, lions, leopards, and many more. For the bird watchers, the forest has birds that are endemic to this place and not found anywhere else.


Kabongo Forest:A sight where you can glimpse at birds in the morning and nights, gaze at the stars by the campsite. Such a place is the definition of heaven for adventurers and Rabongo Forest fits the definition exactly. With beautiful and colorful birds that flock in the forest and fill it with a sonorous cacophony of sounds, the forest offers a wonderful retreat to connect with nature.


Sport Fishing:At the Murchison Falls, various adventure activities are arranged such as river rafting and boating. Though the most famous and enjoyable is the activity of sport fishing. A fishing permit is required to participate in the activity.


Where to Stay:

Chobe Safari Lodge: Situated amid the National Park, on the banks of Chobe River, the lodge provides the tourists all the amenities and comfort. It also provides a wonderful view from its windows of the great African jungle.

Nile Safari Lodge:The lodge, which is an example of splendor in itself, provides the tourists all the luxuries that they may need after a tiring day of safari. The early morning view of the forest and River Nile from your window is picturesque and the perfect start to a morning amidst nature.