Meet the aboriginal tribes

Tribals Interactions

<p><span style=”font-weight: 400;”>An important part of global exploration is understanding our origins, our collective heritage, and an experience that greatly enhances this understanding is meeting the aboriginal tribes from around the world. They give us a direct insight about our past as a civilisation, and let us peek into a culture that is completely different from ours. Meeting some of these people is completely safe like the Maasais in Kenya or the Himba people in Namibia or the Santals in India, but at the same time meeting some tribes can turn unsafe, like the Jarawa tribe in India. Rely on our destination experts to curate such experiences and ensure your safety before anything else, so that you can have these authentic interactions with people from a civilisation which is light-years away from yours. We also work for the betterment of such communities, and would be glad to have you join hands with us, even if in a very small way. </span></p>