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South Africa


South Africa also officially called the Republic of South Africa or RSA is located at the tip of the African continent with a long coastline that shares its border with the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Sea. Touted as a great tourist destination RSA has some stunning landscape locations owed to its natural physical geography and location. At the same time, the diverse range of topography, vegetation and climate has been responsible for sustaining splendid wildlife and biodiversity that finds itself silhouetted against the panoramic scenic views of South Africaa’s savannahs, desert, coastal and mountain landscapes.

Apart from its physical splendour and wildlife wonders, RSA also has important urban centers, such as its capital Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. All of these cities have their own natural setting and charm, their commercial centers, historical and culturally significant destinations and monuments that reflect on the long and arduous history of South Africa. Cape Town, for example, is surrounded by natural landscapes that give the city a beautiful touch. A hike to the Table Mountain, Liona’s Head, Champmana’s Peak or a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, or watching penguins along the False Bay are as attractive as taking a stroll along the Victoria and Albert Waterfront or paying a visit to Robben Island an important landmark in the apartheid struggle.


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