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WV Cares

A part of what we earn goes to the communities where we operate in. We believe that tourism has to be more inclusive and the local people of these places must be a stakeholder in our activities.

We run a scholarship program in Masai Mara and sponsor the primary education of a two needy and bright children from the Maasai community. These children will be tomorrow's leaders for change for these communities.

During floods, cyclones or any natural calamities, we organise fund-raisers for the communities affected. Our most recent one was a fund-raiser for a few villages in Africa affected by food-crisis due to Covid lockdowns.

Food relief to Masai Tribes during Covid lockdown.

Wildlife conservation is a cause very close to our heart. We support a few wildlife conservation projects particularly related to Big Cats conservation in India and Africa. We help the local authorities with funds or manpower resources as per the need. We have also helped some authorities with camera trapping projects in the past. We also believe in more power to the frontline of forest conservation – the forest guards and forest guides - Directly or indirectly, we try to contribute to their wellness.

We believe in generating employment for the locals so that they can be champions of the wildlife conservation causes in their local communities. We are currently working on taking a few tribal crafts from Africa to the world, by helping them with a website and product photo-shoots, so that these tribal people like the Maasais or Himba people can generate a self-sustaining livelihood for themselves.

Online shop created by us for the Maasai Tribes in Mara

If you would like to know more about any of the causes above, and would like to participate in any manner do write to us at [email protected]