Birding tours around the world

Birding Tours

Only a handful of companies globally can match the range and depth of birding tours around the world that we offer. With our founding team members being keen birders and bird photographers, birding is something very close to our heart and every year our Founder CEO himself spends at least 50 days on birding trips. In terms of the range we offer almost all the birding habitats around the world ranging from sub-saharan Africa to forests of Latin America to the Indian Subcontinent to the Indian Ocean islands of Thailand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In terms of the depth, we understand in detail the different requirements of bird watchers and bird photographers, and usually never mix the two in the same tour. The offerings are also very segregated, with an endeavor for securing best hides and photography opportunities for the photographers, and meeting the rare species checklists for bird watchers with the best local guides in place. Consult our birding experts today to plan your next birding expedition, it will surely be a life changing journey for you.