Finland Wildlife & Northern Lights


Being nothing less than a fairytale destination, Finland is often called a land of contrast. Offering some of the most exotic experiences in the world, the wilderness of Finland is one of the most celebrated assets of the Finnish people. It is the ideal place for you to spot the most stunning Northern Lights. Apart from being the only place where you will meet the real Santa Claus at his home, it is also very famous for its picturesque landscapes. Taking a tour of Finland is all about observing the stunning landscapes as well as the unique wilderness of the area that includes the Golden Eagle, Great Grey Owls, and the magical northern lights. Take a tour of Finland to experience and photograph your memories of spotting & photographing the Golden Eagle in this winter wonderland!

Trip Highlights
  • Explore the snow-capped landscapes
  • Witness the magnificent northern lights
  • Photograph the stunning Golden Eagle
  • Feel the magic of snow in Riisitunturi National Park
  • Enjoy the sunset from the top of the Riisitunturi fell
  • Photograph the white-throated dipper at Käylä cascade
  • Get an opportunity to capture the grey owls
  • Ride a snowmobile at the Kuntivaara fell

Day 1

Arrive at Oulu

After having a pleasant flight, you will arrive at Oulu Airport in the afternoon. Your guide will greet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

After having dinner, you will have a briefing about the Eagle photography from the hides.

Day 2

Photograph the Golden Eagles

After having a delicious breakfast, you will depart for your photography expedition at the Eagle Hides. You will spend your next two days photographing the stunning Golden Eagle from your well-heated hide. After spending the whole day, you will depart towards your hotel at 5 pm. Upon your arrival at the hotel, you can rest and charge the batteries of your camera.

Later in the evenings, you will go out to explore the magical northern lights.

Day 3

Drive to Kuusamo

On your fourth day, you will drive for four hours to reach Kuusamo. Upon arrival, you will spend your afternoon and early evening at Riisitunturi National Park. Being full of stunning landscapes and snow-covered trees, it is one of the most famous winter landscapes in Finland. You will enjoy the magnificent sunset from the top of the forest, and then you might get an opportunity to photograph the beautiful Northern light Finland at night.

You will have your dinner and spend your night at a beautiful log cabin.

Day 4

Photography at Käylä cascade

After having breakfast, you will leave for Käylä cascade for white-throated Dipper photography and winter landscape photography. Open throughout the year, the narrow cascade attracts Dippers, which chase each other at a close distance. You will relocate to Siberian Jay feeder as you will get to photograph the various birds that visit it actively.

You will go out to explore the northern lights later at night.

Day 5

Explore the stunning Kuntivaara fell

On the sixth day, you will head towards the Kuntivaara fell, which offers picturesque landscapes for all its tourists. Equipped with dense forests, it creates an interesting setting for photography. After picturing the beauty of the Kuntivaara fell, you will ride a snowmobile and drive up the hill. You will walk along a ready-made path by wearing snowshoes as the depth of the snow can reach over 100cm.

You might get lucky and photograph the stunning Northern Lights over the snowy forest of the Kuntivaara fell.

Day 6

Drive back to Oulu

After having breakfast, if time allows, you will get an opportunity to photograph the landscapes and winter birds.

You will then drive towards Oulu to catch your flight back home.

Capture the beauty of Finland!


This tour of Finland will take you to some of the best winter moments and beautiful snow-capped forests of Finland. You will have good chances to witness Northern Light Finland, a dreamy and colorful display in the night sky of Finland. You will also picture the stunning Golden Eagles from the well-heated hides. The tour will promise you the best memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life!