Finnish Laplands Northern Lights


Well known as a winter wonderland full of magical tales and wild adventures, the stunning Lapland is the land of the midnight sun and the gorgeous Aurora Borealis Finland. Offering some extremely exotic experiences, this northernmost region of Finland is the ultimate Arctic paradise! This Scandinavian region is very famous for the Santa Claus Village, the magical winter landscapes, the magnificent Finland Aurora Borealis, and the outdoor activities like ice fishing, dog-sledding, reindeer sleigh rides, and snowmobiling. You will get to experience the quiet wilderness of Saariselka as well as the hustle and bustle of the Rovaniemi town. Be it the crunch of the snow under your feet or the extreme happiness after your first Aurora Borealis Finland sighting, a trip to Lapland is magical!

Trip Highlights
  • Unleash your inner child by visiting the home of Santa Claus
  • Shop at the local markets of Rovaniemi
  • Explore the stunning Arctic Forest by taking a husky ride
  • Feel the Christmas vibes by taking a reindeer ride at the Santa Claus Village
  • Spend the night at an Igloo
  • Take a Finland northern lights tour from Ivalo
  • Ride a snowmobile and do ice fishing on Lake Inari

Day 1

Arrive at Helsinki

After having a comfortable flight, you will arrive at the International Airport in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Our guide will greet you at the airport and take you to your hotel where you can relax for the day. You can explore the city of Helsinki or relax and spend your night at the hotel.

Day 2

Fly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

After having breakfast, you will check-out from your hotel and reach the airport for catching your flight to Lapland's capital city- Rovaniemi. Home to Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is full of stunning forests, a frozen lake, and tiny colorful houses. Upon your arrival, our guide will receive you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel located in the heart of the city. You can rest for a while and then leave the hotel for a stroll across the beautiful Rovaniemi city. After enjoying a delicious Finnish dinner, you can take a night walk near the lake or rest and spend your night at the hotel.

Day 3

Enjoy the Husky Safari & the Arctic Snow Hotel

After having a delectable breakfast at your hotel, you will leave for the Lapland Safari office for your husky ride. Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to the warehouse from where you have to collect the warm overalls and thicker boots, and then leave for the husky farm. On reaching the husky farm, the guides will brief you about the experience. You will experience the beautiful Arctic forest while enjoying the amusing ride with the huskies.

Once your ride is over, you will come back to the city, have your meal, and take a tour of the stunning Arctic Snow Hotel. After seeing the amazing ice structures inside the hotel, like ice bedrooms, ice chapel, ice restaurant, and an ice bar, you will go back to the city and end your day with a delicious dinner.

Day 4

Explore the Santa Claus Village

After a delicious breakfast, you will leave for the famous Santa Claus Village. After reaching your destination, you will walk around the market area and then head towards the home of Santa Claus. After unleashing your inner child at Santa's home, you will hop onto a reindeer sleigh. The carriage will take you around a snowy forest, and the background music of Christmas hymns will brighten up your experience.

After exploring the village, you will leave the village before sunset and spend your last night at Rovaniemi.

Day 5

Live the Igloo life

Post breakfast, you will check-out from your hotel and leave for Saariselka to stay inside an Igloo. During your three hour drive, you will observe the arctic wilderness, charming pine trees covered with snow, and little cottages. Upon arrival at your resort, your guide will take you to your glass igloo. The igloo will have adequate heating, a recliner bed, luggage area, a bathroom, and a stunning view of the snowy landscape. After settling down, you can spend the rest of the day walking around the gorgeous landscape, exploring the village, and playing in the snow. You will have a delicious dinner at the restaurant and then rest at your igloo.

Day 6

Drive to Ivalo

After spending a night at your transparent igloo, you will wake up in the middle of the Arctic wilderness, check-out of your igloo, and leave for Ivalo. After a drive of 45 minutes, you will reach Ivalo and check-in at your hotel. You can rest for a while and then explore the town by taking a stroll across the roads of the town.

Later at night, your guide will drive you to the Russian border for your Finland northern lights tour.

Day 7

Explore Lake Inari through a Snowmobile Ride

On your second day in Ivalo, you will take a private snowmobile tour in the gorgeous arctic forest. You will have an instructor who will brief you about the activity, and then you can ride all along Lake Inari in the Arctic forest.

Later in the evening, you will go for your Finland northern lights tour and experience the captivating beauty of the aurora borealis Finland in full form.

Day 8

Feel the fun of Ice Fishing

On your last, you will devote your day to Ice Fishing and seeing the Northern Lights. You will start your day by riding a snowmobile from Lake Ivalo to Lake Inari. After reaching Lake Inari, your instructor will guide you about the basics of Ice Fishing and the gear required for the same. After having a thrilling experience of ice fishing, you will ride back to your hotel in your snowmobile.

At night, you will again leave for your Finland northern lights tour for seeing the stunning Northern Lights.

Day 9

Fly back to Helsinki

After having your last meal in Ivalo, you will fly to Helsinki from the Ivalo airport.

Upon reaching the Helsinki airport, you will catch your flight back home with all the beautiful memories of your trip.


Magic is in the air!


When it comes to visiting the stunning landscapes of Laplands, you get to experience and feel the magic in the air. After spending 9 wonderful days seeing the beauty of nature, doing various outdoor activities in different places of Laplands, spotting the gorgeous northern lights, and visiting the home of Santa Claus, it will be very hard for you to say goodbye to this winter wonderland!


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