Adventure activities in South Africa

Adventure activities in South Africa

South Africa has a fascinating history, beautiful landscapes, and a place where diverse cultures meet. This vibrant country easily makes it to the top destination people visit in Africa. 

The amazing wildlife in South Africa has given rise to unlimited safari options. Undertaking a jeep or walking safari to spot animals up close is a common venture in the country. Although it is fun and exhilarating, this is not the only activity you can enjoy.

The beautiful South Africa from a distance

The beautiful South Africa from a distance

According to several reports, South Africa has become a preferred travel destination among adrenaline junkies. Offering many other adventure activities besides safaris, the country makes for an active vacation.

Some of the most daring and extreme activities can be found here. Whether it is bungee jumping from the highest point or swimming with sharks, you can find almost all sorts of adventure sports in South Africa.


If your trip idea involves a lot of thrills, here are the top 8 activities you must try in South Africa:


1. Paragliding in Cape Town

Experiencing South Africa’s beauty from a height while soaring in the air is an opportunity of a lifetime. One of the best ways to experience this is by paragliding. This activity is offered throughout South Africa but is particularly spectacular on the Garden Route.

Tourists paragliding in Cape Town

Tourists paragliding in Cape Town

The Garden Route region boasts picturesque estuaries, lagoons, valleys, coastlines, and forests. From unique vantage points, you can view the breathtaking beauty of South Africa through paragliding.

Moreover, spots like Plettenberg Bay, George, Knysna, and Sedgefield offer gorgeous vistas during paragliding.  


2. Kayaking in KwaZulu Natal

River cruises are serene and interesting, and you can spot various animals from the comfort of your boat. But what happens when you take away the comfort and add a thrill to it?

Kayaking with crocodiles and hippos, some of the most dangerous animals, is an adventure often chosen by daredevils.

Kayaking through the waters of St Lucia estuary

Kayaking through the waters of St Lucia estuary


During kayaking, it is just you in a tiny boat, gliding along the brazen water while hippos and crocodiles surround you. The best place to go kayaking is in the estuaries of St. Lucia and KwaZulu Natal. Home to more than 800 hippos, 1000 crocodiles, and several species of sharks, kayaking in St. Lucia is exhilarating.

Additionally, during the activity, you can observe the beautiful coastlines of South Africa and wetlands blooming with life.


3. Bungee Jumping from Bloukrans Bridge

Although Bungee jumping can be done from any part of the world, South Africa still manages to attract many avid bungee jumpers. One of the best destinations to bungee jump in the country is the Bloukrans Bridge.

The towering Bloukrans bridge

The towering Bloukrans bridge

The bridge is located on the Western and Eastern Cape borders and appears tranquil. However, it is also the highest commercial bungee jumping spot, measuring a staggering 216 metres (709 feet). As you plunge from such a height towards the river below, you experience nothing but a pure adrenaline rush.

Bloukrans is among the famous attractions and gets crowded easily; thus, early booking is recommended.


4. Hiking the Otter trail

The Otter Trail is a multi-day trail that is ideal for enthusiastic trekkers and hikers alike. It is also one of the oldest and most iconic hiking trails in South Africa. Running along the stunning coastline between the Storms River and Nature’s Valley, you can experience the first-hand beauty of the country through this hike.

The gorgeous Otter trail

The gorgeous Otter trail

The hike starts at Storms River Park and finishes in Nature’s Valley. Along the journey, you can swim in lakes and rivers, walk in the thickest of forests, camp under the stars, and relax on the beautiful beaches.

Moreover, you can spot the flora, fauna, and wilderness of South Africa closely without any disturbances.

Covering 45km in 5 days, you are up for an exciting hike that offers constantly changing scenery and aesthetic landscapes.


5. Snorkeling in KwaZulu and Knysna

Due to the spectacular marine life of South Africa, there are various locations available for snorkelling. One of the most preferred spots to snorkel, however, is Sodwana Bay in KwaZulu Natal.

Voted the third-best snorkelling destination in the world, Sodwana Bay attracts many tourists every year. More than 1200 species of fish have been identified in the Bay.

Snorkeling in KwaZulu Natal

Snorkeling in KwaZulu Natal

On the other hand, for a magnificent snorkelling experience, head to Knysna, situated on the scenic Garden Route. Here, you are met with pint-sized seahorses that are abundant in the warm-water estuary of Knysna. Along with this, you are met with shipwrecks, various coral reefs, and colourful invertebrates.


6. Shark cage diving in Gansbaai

Shark cage diving falls under extreme sports and involves intimidating white sharks. However, much of this activity is centred around educating tourists about sharks, as they are one of the most misunderstood creatures.

A white shark in Gansbaai

A white shark in Gansbaai

Getting up close and personal with the most feared predators is a terrifying but life-changing event. In South Africa, the finest place to undertake shark cage diving is Gansbaai. Located close to Cape Town, Gansbaai has the highest concentration of white sharks.

To keep the sharks at bay, you will be inside a sturdy steel cage that is lowered into the water. The one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush can only be felt when sharks start swimming around your cage.

No matter how frightening this activity sounds, shark cage diving is safe, as the steel cage ensures you stay protected.


7. Ziplining in Kareedouw River and Sun City

Ziplining offers a unique way to see the stunning natural scenery of South Africa. There are a wide variety of ziplining operators in the country, situated in different locations.

Yet, one of the best places to zipline is in Ceres, over the Kareedouw River Ceres lies in the centre of the western cape and is regarded as having the county’s most picturesque towns and farms. The zipline takes you over the Kareedouw River and in between the Skurweberg rocky mountain range.

Ziplining over the Kareedouw river

Ziplining over the Kareedouw river

Sun City has the world’s original extreme zip line and is also prominent for having the longest zip line. With speeds topping off at 150km/h, this ride offers the perfect dose of adrenaline.

Ziplining is a perfect activity for families wanting to try something out of the ordinary.


8. Skydiving

It is impossible to complete a list of adrenaline-filled activities without mentioning skydiving. Jumping off a plane and feeling like a bird can only be felt through skydiving.

The extreme skydiving sport

The extreme skydiving sport

Getting a view of incredible South Africa from more than 1000 metres above is nerve-wracking yet equally fascinating. South African skydiving has a huge following and a well-established commercial sector that helps skydivers experience the absolute thrill of this extreme activity.

Since you can skydive from anywhere across the country, there isn’t one particular place to pinpoint. For starters, Cape Town has beautiful views of the city, where one has the opportunity to see the massive Table Mountain and Table Bay harbour.

Some excellent places for skydiving also include False Bay, Robben Island, Cape West Coast, and Langebaan Lagoon.


It is always better to enjoy various activities during a trip that can take away the monotony and add excitement. As South Africa continues to provide the most stirring and riveting activities, experiencing some (or maybe all) of them is worthwhile.

If you are a true adventure seeker, don’t miss out on the activities mentioned above during a South African vacation.


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