Tiger families of Tadoba National Park

Tiger families of Tadoba National Park

India is one of the top places to spot the majestic Bengal tigers. The country is presently home to more than 2000 tigers, which make up at least 70 percent of the global tiger population.

The tiger reserves in India offer promising sightings of these big cats in their natural habitats. Spread across the country, several tiger reserves are often frequented by tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. Among the existing reserves and national parks, one that stands out is the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra.

Tadoba is one of the finest tiger reserves in India, run under the Tiger Project. It is also one of the oldest and largest national parks in Maharashtra. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, or TATR, is prominent for high sightings of tigers in the forest.

tadoba national park

tadoba national park

This reserve has varied flora and fauna, which proves to be suitable for tigers. Tadoba has become a breeding ground for these animals, which are dispersed in the surrounding protected areas.

Besides tigers, Tadoba National Reserve is also famous for its rich biodiversity and various other species of wildlife and birds.

Yet, there is no denying that the star of every safari is the tiger. Thus, the  safaris undertaken in Tadoba National Reserve are popular due to the plentiful sightings of tigers.


Here are the top 6 famous tigers you can spot at the Tadoba tiger reserve:

1. Maya

The most famed tiger in the entire reserve is Maya, also hailed as the Queen of Tadoba. Currently, she is known to be the ruler of the Tadoba forest.

Maya with cubs

Maya with cubs

This tigress is characterised by her bold attitude and bravery, as she is not afraid to stand close to the tourist jeeps. Enthralling the visitors with her aura and looks, she is also known to attract other tigers in the reserve.

The 12-year-old Maya is extremely mischievous and playful, but she protects her cubs from predators fiercely. She has given birth to four litters to date.

Maya is one of the celebrity tigers and enjoys a fair share of fame and popularity. She is usually seen residing in the grasslands of Pandharpauni.


2. Matkasur

Matkasur is the current King of Tadoba and a dominant tiger in the forest. He is also associated with Maya, as he has fathered her third litter. Usually, tigers do not take part in the rearing process, but Matkasur seems to be an exception.

Matkasur male tiger

Matkasur male tiger

The young and well-built tiger has been able to protect the cubs as well as Maya from various threats. The family is often seen wandering around, much to the tourists’ delight. Although there are other strong tigers in the reserve, Matkasur still reigns as the ruler of the territories.

Due to his huge body and pot belly, the tiger was named Matkasur. He rose to fame after repeatedly winning over the intimidating tiger Gabbar in Tadoba.

Matkasur is generally spotted in front of the safari jeep, either alone or with Maya.


3. Gabbar or Scarface

Gabbar, or Scarface, is another ferocious male tiger of Tadoba. He is most famously known for the scars he received on his face. There are two versions of the incident – one recalls Gabbar having an intense territorial fight with another male tiger. The second suggests that a fight occurred between him and a gaur whose horn left Gabbar with limited sight.

Gabbar relaxes near a waterhole in Tadoba National Park

Gabbar relaxes near a waterhole in Tadoba National Park

Gabbar is also one of the ex-mates of Maya, and they were both referred to as the ‘beauty and the beast’ of Tadoba. The male tiger has an established past with Matkasur, as both fought occasionally for territories.

Due to its heavy weight and size, Gabbar is often considered lazy but equally protective of his territory.


4. Choti Tara

Daughter of the famous Tara tigress in Tadoba, Choti Tara is a replica of her mother. Compared to her neighbour Maya, Choti Tara is calm and composed, yet equally elegant. 

Choti tara with cubs

Choti tara with cubs

The tigress has given birth to around two litters and is generally seen walking in the forest along with her cubs. The dominant tiger, Matkasur, is believed to have fathered one of the litters.

She is often sighted along with one of her most famous cubs, Chota Matkasur. Choti Tara is one of the few tigers who walks around with a radio collar around her neck to track her movements. She is known to rule a large territory and is slowly rising as the main attraction in Tadoba.


5. Bajrang

Bajrang is a young and strong male tiger in the Tadoba reserve. His ancestry is relatively unknown, but he seems to have come from the Kolara buffer area. Due to its sheer size and strength, Bajrang is on its way to becoming the dominant tiger in the forest.

The tiger has amassed a huge territory and has kept several female tigresses under his rule. Bajrang is most famously seen with Choti Tara. The tiger has fathered more than 30 cubs.

The shy Bajrang spotted in the reserve

The shy Bajrang spotted in the reserve

Bajrang rules the Moharli range in Tadoba and reigns over many territories. He is associated with over eight tigresses, a number undefeated by any tiger in Tadoba. This indicates the continuous growth of the Bajrang empire, which is rising gradually.

However, as majestic as this tiger is, he is also camera-shy. Bajrang does not like to come out in front of the jeep and thus stays away from tourists. So, if you ever manage to catch glimpses of Bajrang, consider yourself lucky.


6. Shivaji

A handsome tiger of Tadoba, Shivaji is regarded as the son of Waghdoh, the dominant male tiger known for its huge size. The tiger has slightly thicker hair, which appears as a mane. Due to this, people compare him to Shivaji Maharaj and have kept his name after the ruler.

The fierce Shivaji at Tadoba

The fierce Shivaji at Tadoba

Shivaji wanders around the Kolsa range and has held onto his territory for years. Due to its fearsome yet adorable expression, Shivaji is another favourite tiger of photographers and tourists alike.

There are several other tigers in Tadoba National Park that are seen during safaris. As the overall tiger population increases in India, one can expect more of these big cats to become famous.


You can plan your Tadoba safaris with Wild Voyager, as we work only with the best naturalists in the park. Those who are experts in studying their tracks can have the chance of spotting more than one tiger at Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

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