culinary tours of India

Culinary Tours

We offer select culinary tours of India drawing from our vast experience of touring this amazing country and savouring its choicest delicacies. Our recommendations come directly from our taste buds, and not from any guidebook! In our curated culinary tours of India we recommend sampling the authentic street foods like a chole bhature in Delhi or a Amritsari Machhi (fish) in Amritsar or a Biryani in Kolkata or a Bhel Puri in Mumbai or a Idli-vada in Chennai. These cannot be had from just any shop, but there are our handpicked shops which are the best in the business for their respective street food. We also organise culinary evenings with renowned food historians and chefs who interpret India’s rich culinary traditions and tell the history and broad recipe of the dishes you will be sampling that evening. You will savour these gastronomic adventures for a lifetime, with a sweet aftertaste!