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Kampala is the capital of the landlocked country Uganda. The largest city in the country is a gateway to many wildlife tourist attractions. Kampala literal translation is ‘the hill of antelopes’. The nearest airport to the city of Kampala is Entebbe International Airport. Entebbe is set in Lake Victoria and has lovely botanical gardens and the lakeshore. The botanical gardens gathered great fame as the place was used as a set in the 1940’s film “Tarzan”.


The bird watching sites in Uganda are many, the popular ones in and around Kampala, in Entebbe, Mabira rainforest, and Mabamba Swamp. There are more than 500 birds including the most sought after and exotic bird, Shoebill Stork. Mostly found in the Mabamba wetlands swamp. The swamp is only a short drive away from Kampala and has many water birds.


Location: Uganda

Nearest Airport: Entebbe International Airport

How to reach: by air/road

Famous for: Capital city of Uganda, cultural hub,

Best time to visit: All year round


Uganda National Museum, The Royal Mile – Lubiri Palace and Bulange Parliament, Kabaka’s lake

Rubaga Cathedral, Kasubi Royal Tombs, Ndere Centre

Nantawetwa Monument, Old Kampala National Mosque, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

The Independence Monument, Bahai Temple


Kampala is used to being the capital of great territories, in the 19 century Kampala was the capital of the kingdom of Buganda. It was chosen by Capt. Fredrick Laguardia in 1980 as the headquarters of British East Africa Company. In 1962 Kampala became the capital of independent Uganda Parliamentary and commercial buildings.

Kampala is considered to be the center of Uganda culture. The city is inhabited by a large variety of ethnic groups. The religious heritage of Uganda is tripartite: indigenous religions, Islam, and Christianity. There are at least 32 languages spoken in Uganda, but English, Swahili, and Ganda are most commonly used.


Places of interest

Uganda National Museum– The 112-year-old museum exhibits and displays the ethnological, natural history, and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage. Some of the collections of the museum include playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry, archaeology, and ethnology.


The Royal Mile– Better walked than driven, the Royal mile in Kampala connects the Mengo Lubiri to Bulange. The exciting mile-long walk is accompanied by 52 trees that represent the clans of Buganda. The place narrates a story of the Great Buganda Kingdom.


Kabaka’s lake– The water body is one of the few handmade lakes in Africa’s Longest surviving manmade lakes. The view of the lake is enhanced with numerous birds chirping around the site. The lake holds a rich history on its back and a little green island in the middle.


Rubaga Cathedral– The house of God stands on top of one of the original seven hills that make up the city of Kampala. This massive monument can be seen from nearly all points of the city.


Kasubi Royal Tombs– Spread across 30 hectares of land, the Kasubi tombs of Buganda kings were built in 1882 and converted into a burial ground in 1884. The place is made from organic materials like wood, thatch, reed wattle, and daub.


Ndere Centre– Ndere center is a cultural center opened in 2002 where plays, radio station shows are organized. Additionally, the architecture of the building is magnificent as it is built by natural materials.


Nantawetwa Monument– the monument features a man holding a kid on his hands as the kid is reaching towards the sky.


Old Kampala National Mosque–Also known as the Gadaffi mosque, the monument was built in 1972 but completed only in 2007. The mosque can seat up to 20000 worshippers in one sitting.


Namugongo Martyrs Shrine– It is a catholic church dedicated to the martyrs of Uganda who shed their blood for their Christian faith. The church is renowned for its architecture of 22 copper pillars over 100 feet long that support the shrine.


The independence monument– The monument features a man holding a child and raising it to touch the sky, while the sculpture signifies a young country free from bondages of colonization.


Bahai Temple– located on the outskirts of Kampala the temple started to grow in 1951 and 4 years later there were 500 such temples in 80 localities. The temple’s beautiful architecture is made with natural materials.


Nearby Attractions


Mbamba Swamp: Mbamba Swamp is home to approximately 300 bird varieties, including migratory and threatened species like a pallid harrier, papyrus gonolek, and blue swallow. But the highlight of the swamps is the magnificentShoebill Storks.Mbamba’s importance is recognized worldwide, as the swamp became a wetland of national importance in 2006


Mabira Rainforest: Mabira Rainforest is a beautiful and serene rainforest that is found along the Jinja-Kampala highway. The Mabira rainforest is nature at its very best. It’s the best place to go for a nature walk, biking, bird watching; you could even have a picnic in the forest.


Jinja: Located on the shore of Lake Victoria, Jinja was founded in 1901 as a British administrative center and grew to become one of the larger towns in Uganda. The city is situated at an elevation of 3,740 feet above sea level.


Uganda Equator:The Uganda equator is one of the popular landmarks in Uganda. The intersection of the earth’s surface with the plane perpendicular to the earth’s axis of rotation.


Other Attractions



Kampala is not just a place of fancy tourist attractions, it is also the place where you can shop your heart out while buying some, tasteful clothes, absorbing books, and some cultural and traditional crafts and arts.



The cuisine of Kampala is as exceptional as its scenic beauty, the most original and fine cuisine can be found in the 2K restaurant, which is located within the heart of Kampala.



Where to Stay


Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa: Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa is a charming mixture of Meditarrian architecture and lush green fairways on the sparkling waters of Africa’s Lake.


Kampala Serena Hotel: Located in the heart of Kampala, the hotel is an oasis of cool and green. The 5-star hotel offers Moroccan palace inspired -Maisha Spa and health club, swimming pool, comfortable ambience and more.


Lake Victoria Hotel: Lake victoria hotel is a spacious and elegant hotel located in the center of the city. The bounds of the hotel are designed in classic colonial style.