Snow Resorts in Nordic and India

Snow Resorts

If you are travelling to an exotic snow destination, whether it is the Nordic countries for Northern lights or the Himalayas in India, you deserve to make it more special by choosing some of the experiential Snow resorts handpicked by our destination research team. In the Nordic region, some offer stay in a real igloo, some offer a glass roof so that you can see the Northern lights from your bed, while some are real Ice hotels where the beds, walls and windows are all made of real Ice. Whereas in India some offer choicest luxury in the middle of Himalayas, and some put you up amidst the highest mountain ranges of the world with no civilisation in sight. Take a pick, and round up your coveted vacation amidst the Snow with a stay to match. Our destination experts will be happy to consult you on your next snow vacation and hotel recommendations.