Gulfoss Falls

Gulfoss Falls


Situated on the Hvita River is the most iconic Icelandic waterfall- the Gullfoss waterfall Iceland. It gushes down, onto the Hvita River canyon. Thousands of gallons of water plummet to the canyon, at a rate of eighty cubic meters per second. After that, the water of the Gullfoss continues to flow, navigating a narrow gorge. You might even catch a rainbow, formed from the mist of the waterfall. The water glows like tiny diamonds in wintertime when the sun’s rays fall on the ice particles.

A convenient tourist spot, because of the large parking area and easy accessibility, the Gulfoss, one of the best waterfalls in Iceland, has become a popular tourist destination in Iceland.


Location: West Iceland

Nearest Airport: Keflavik International airport

How to reach: 2 hr drive from Keflavik airport

Famous for: Iceland’s iconic hot water spout

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


Nearby places to visit- The Golden Circle sightseeing route, Gulfoss is one of it.

Activities– Visit the Waterfall, photography, sightseeing, walk to the viewpoint, try the local cuisine



Gullfoss waterfall Icelandrose to immediate global fame when, in 1907, Howell, an English Businessman, wished to use Iceland’s precious waterfall for generating energy, so he could power his hydroelectric plant. Tómas Tómasson, the owner of Gullfoss Iceland, fought tooth and nail to protect this iconic natural resource. It’s no surprise that the world stood in awe as he made the statement- “I will not sell my friend!”. His daughter, Sigríður Tómasdóttir also pitched in. As a child, she had helped pave the road to Gulfoss, one of the best waterfalls in Iceland, with her own two hands. She wasn’t ready to give up and hired a lawyer with money she had saved up. She would travel for long distances while continuing to fight the strenuous legal battle that ensued. The situation shook the world, as Sigríður threatened to drown herself in Gullfoss if anybody decided to give instructions for construction.\

gullfoss waterfall covered in snow in iceland

The Three Layered Falls-The water of the Hvita river finds its origin from the Langjökull glacier. It cascades down the two stages of Gullfoss, in the most majestic way possible. The entire view is breathtaking. No wonder it is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland. People come from far and wide to see this three-layered waterfall, as it has two stages before it gushes into the canyon. The first stage is shorter, approximately half of the second drop. Geologists claim thatGulfoss waterfall Iceland was formed due to glacial outbursts. Summers see around 140 cubic meters of water cascading with tremendous force, every second. This reduces to 109 cubic meters per second in the winter. If you stand too close, you might even get drenched by the spray from mighty Gullfoss Iceland. The three-layered waterfall is easily one of the most unmissable tourist attractions in the Golden Circle sightseeing route.

rainbow appears on greenery near gullfoss waterfalls in iceland

Best time to see them

The best time to visit it is in the summers, and on a sunny day, preferably in the afternoon.

northern lights over gullfoss waterfall in iceland